Aplologies for the blogroll fuck up


My blogroll seems to be all fuxxored up.

All the good links are there, just in a rather stupid way.

I’ll fettle the bastard later this coming weekend.

After a combination of putting a new ceiling in the rear lobby and getting totally hammered with my brother-in-law.

The alcohol limit guidelines can go fuck themselves with a big cunting stick…


7 Responses

  1. Steve

    Here’s a thought

    If you’re stuck for convo with the bro in law, and if you can be fucked, bring up this little Country Clubbing freedom of speech row, and ask him his opinion on the whole thing

    It’d be welcome to hear a third party view, totally independent of proceedings. From someone who is, most probably, NOT an anarcho-capitalist or an anarchist like Mr Clown and his pals in El Puck.

    Do feed back if you have that chat.


  2. Taking your brother in law in the rear lobby is WRONG.

  3. Don’t forget to set context by pointing out that JD has such a large penis, that it’s anatomically impossible to divert enough blood into it to keep it hard without him being rendered brain dead within 3 minutes.

  4. Yes, this is an important disclaimer.

  5. Well, I thought our first fixture went well last night.

    Some late abuse from JD and Obo added drama to the closing minutes.

    No-one sent off or even carded.

    Honours even, I’d say.

    Cockwaving at its finest!

  6. Off topic…

    Looks like the EDP are back at my place…


    .. if you fancy joining in the inevitable rumble.

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