To the herpes-riddled rim-monkey in the Milton Keynes Council van in Soskin Drive at 9.05 am today…

Dear cuntsocket Sir,

When I’m coming up to at a T-junction to turn right and you’re driving from my left to turn right, I’d really appreciate it if you kept to your side of the road and didn’t cut the corner as I’m coming to a halt, thus causing me to slam on my brakes to avoid going into your right side back end.

It’s OK for you, you’re in the council’s vehicle and probably don’t have the inconvenience of checking the car in for bodywork repairs, getting a courtesy car, taking the bastard back and having to sort out the fucking insurance.

I, on the other hand, have to do these things in my own time, in addition to which I do not have a job for life or a subsidised pension scheme.


A disgruntled council tax payer.

PS Cunt!


4 Responses

  1. If he/she were truly aware, they’d have hung back and let you out first. Makes their turn a lot easier. Not in the highway code, granted, but it really does piss me off when some shite-arse can’t see that and insists on their right of way turning right despite having to steer like a mofo as a result.


  2. I just spend the day in the cupboard under the stairs, and I don’t have any problems like this.

  3. I watched The Hitcher the other day on Telly, Mr Rob, and thought of you and your amusing avatar.

    Is there something we should know?!?!


  4. Mr Puddlecote – For my part I would much prefer that, unless there’s a compelling reason not to, people observe the orders of precedence (not “right of way”, you’ll note) that follow from the way the road is marked, or configured. Then we all know what to expect.

    IYSWIM 😉

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