More shit you might like

I’ve just realised that I can hardly be a member of  the Oboatriou Mutual Masturbation Cuntry Club without including all my fellow cockwavers in my blogroll.

So, to set things straight I’d like to welcome The Salted Slug whose recent myth-exploding article was a highlight of my daily blog reading.

Not to mention Constantly Furious who has an excellent article here that explains why you should never shop at PC World. I read it at work today – I had to do a couple of hours I couldn’t fucking get out of –  and it all rang so very true.

Both are great additions to my blogroll and I humbly suggest you check them out.

Unless you shop at PC World, in which case I doubt you can fucking read…


3 Responses

  1. Yay! Link love! I gonna get me over to mah place, and reciprocate.

    Let the frenzied mutual masturbation commence.

    Hat-tip and ROFL’s all ’round…

  2. Hat tip to SteveShark for this article and a hat tip to CF for giving the hat tip which was jolly nice of him. Hat tip to me for hat tipping CF and I await SteveShark’s hat tip for me hat tipping a guest on his site for hat tipping Steve.

    A hat tip to all those subsequent posters who hat tip and now I’m off to jizz in a cup and throw it out of my bedroom window.

    Hat TIIIIPPPP!!!

    AAAAh, that’s better.

  3. This is all so fucking emotional.
    I am hat-tipping into Dan Brown’s face as we speak.

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