For whose benefit?

Don’t lie there and think of England – think of the money!

We’ll be able to upgrade the car at this rate…

Here’s an idea – I even ran it past Mrs Shark and she thinks it’s a good idea, too.

You know that horrible financial mess the country’s in?

Well, I have an idea to save a significant amount of money in public spending.

Means test Child Benefit.

Currently, it stands at £20.00 for the first child and £13.20 for each additional child per week.

So, if you have one child, you receive £1 040 per year…

If you have two children, £1 726.40 per year…

Three children, £2 412.80…

Four children, £3 099.20…

And so on.

Work on the old and familiar average of 2.4 children per family and the taxpayer is supporting each of those families to the tune of approximately £2 000 per annum.

Disregarding the opinion of a growing number of people – myself included – that having children is a lifestyle choice, I think it’s worth asking if people on salaries above a certain figure really need the money.

Defining ‘a certain figure’ is a tricky one and I’m going to alienate a few people with my suggestion.

£25 000

Too little and you start to make the idea of having children attractive financially and I defy anyone to justify that as a reason for having children.

Any higher and you’re giving £2K a year to people who don’t need the money for the purpose for which it should be given – to help the vulnerable.

Mind you, there is one major drawback.

It would be political suicide for anyone proposing it…


6 Responses

  1. Child tax credit is another farce. I earn around 30k a year and my 8 year old brother in law lives with us, (I have a young wife!!), and we receive ten quid a week child tax credit. Don’t make no sense to me.

    And I’m always skint too, come to think about it. Hmmm…

  2. I dunno, Rab.

    I’m approaching this from the angle of someone whose kids have grown up – one with a child of her own – and we’re sort of slipping gently into early retirement.

    I really have no instant answers to this mess.

    I just know it’s a mess and that I’m paying out a fuckload of money to some people who I really think don’t need it and/or deserve it.

  3. […] it to say, I agree with Steve Shark, who’s link sent me to DK’s article. That is not to tip the hat as such, now Steve is a member of a cock-munching clique (I wonder if […]

  4. Between me and my wife we have a combined income of about 45k, we live well within our means our outgoings not including food, diesel and other incidentals are about 60% of our take home pay, but we struggle every month our food bill has risen our monthly diesel bill has gone through the roof, we put the child benefit into a young saver for the kids so they don’t get into debt when they go to uni (hopefully) or it can be used for a deposit on a flat, I would change your 25k to a more realistic figure and to cap the child benefit at 2 children.

  5. In an ideal world, possibly, but given the crapulent ineptitude of this bunch of horse-fucking sheep-botherers, you just know that every penny you save is going to cost you a pound.

    Try this idea on for size:

    Every citizen of the UK gets a flat income of (say) £50 a week and every child under 18 gets £25 a week.

    And that’s it. No complicated administration, no fucking around, no limits on what you can earn before it gets withdrawn. You can eke out a miserable existence on your citizen’s income, or you can slush it away for a rainy day while you are working.

    The real problem with all these benefits is the insane amount of money you have to get as a salary to compensate for losing benefits – which is the flip side of means-testing. I reckon that means-testing is actually one of the worst aspects of benefits, apart from their generosity.

  6. Perhaps the following from Captain Ranty can shed some light on why we are encouraged to have kids. –

    When you were born, your parents registered your birth. Within six weeks you were allocated a National Insurance number. This was coupled with your Birth Certificate number and a series of Trust Funds were created. Some say it was one trust, and others say that up to ten Trust Funds were created. These Funds have grown in value throughout your life. The powers that be, in the form of successive governments, have kept these funds hidden from you. The reason? They think that we cannot manage these funds for ourselves. We are treated, for good reason according to them, as children. This is why we have to beg permission to do anything. To apply, is to beg. To register anything, our cars, our children, is to give up ownership. A License, (for anything) is to beg permission to use whatever it is they insist we license. Our cars, our televisions, our radios, or a bar selling alcohol, are just a few examples.

    I have discussed this Trust Fund with other people. Once I explained that it was worth hundreds of millions of £££’s, they were aghast that I should want complete and utter control of this money. So I came up with an analogy: imagine that your dear old Uncle Bob died, long before you were born. 40 years later you come across a chest of his in a dusty attic. You go through his stuff and find out that he started a trust fund for you. You know the kind of thing, to get you through University, or to help out with the costs of your first home. Uncle Bob’s trust fund has been working hard for you for fifty years but you did not know it even existed. Uncle Bob did not hide the documents on purpose, he just forgot to tell you that it existed. Now that you DO know it exists, and it can fix all of your financial problems in one fell swoop, would you simply say, “Nah. It’s ok. I’ll just continue to struggle on”?

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