Modern Life and/is Rubbish

As I state elsewhere in this blog, I’m an unapologetic climate change sceptic.

However, I don’t believe in waste, so the environ-mentalists and myself are probably going to achieve many common aims.

Recycling seems to me to be a good idea in many ways, so we recycle here at Shark Towers.

However, it’s all getting to be a proper rigmarole and we’re all gettin’ in a right old two and eight and no mistake, eh guv’nor, innit, me old cock sparrer, doin’ the Lambeth Walk, oi?*

We have now black bags for non-recyclable waste, pink sacks for things like cans, plastic containers and paper, blue boxes for all glass, green wheelie bins for garden waste and grey ‘caddies’ for food waste.

They all go out here every Friday for collection – except the garden waste bin, which goes out every fortnight.

I’m just trying to think how long ago it was when it was dead simple – all crap went in the dustbin and garden waste meant a bonfire.

15 years ago?

As few as 10 maybe?

And how many years will pass before your local council gauleiters officials see your black bag as another way of helping to pay for – amongst other essentials for modern living – their over-inflated salaries?

I await the introduction of a council tax supplement for black bag waste with a loaded shotgun joyful anticipation.

It’s going to happen…

On a more cheerful note, it’s just got to be Blur…

*Never mind me, I’ve just got a nasty case of Cockerney…like Swine Flu but less annoying.


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