Socialist ‘planning’ – an amazing find

Last night, in a PM from someone on Facebook, the name Dennis Wheatley cropped up.

Wheatley was a popular British author who served with distinction in both World Wars and wrote many books, of which many were novels having a supernatural plot incuding Satanism and astral projection.

His most famous novel was probably ‘The Devil Rides Out’ which Hammer Studios made into a film with Christopher Lee in the leading role as the Duc de Richlieu – a sort of low budget Van Helsing figure.

He’s no longer very popular for some reason – I must try and get hold of some of his better novels and re-read them – but perhaps his work hasn’t dated well.

He belonged to the ‘old school’ of adventure story writers, with heroes of ‘independent means’ who belonged to the ‘best’ London clubs, so it may well be for that reason.

A good story is still a good story however – look at Buchan’s ’39 Steps’.

However, in the course of reading about him last night, I came across something he’d written that seemed bang up to date.

It’s called ‘A Letter to Posterity’.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it:

In the winter of 1947 Wheatley penned ‘A Letter to Posterity’ which he buried in an urn at his country home. The letter was intended to be discovered some time in the future (but was found in 1969 when that home was demolished for redevelopment of the property). In it he predicted that the socialist reforms introduced by the post-war government would inevitably lead to an unjust state, and called for both passive and active resistance to it.

“Socialist ‘planning’ forbids any man to kill his own sheep or pig, cut down his own tree, put up a wooden shelf in his own house, build a shack in his garden, and either buy or sell the great majority of commodities – without a permit. In fact, it makes all individual effort an offence against the state. Therefore, this Dictatorship of the Proletariat, instead of gradually improving the conditions in which the lower classes live, as has been the aim of all past governments, must result in reducing everyone outside the party machine to the level of the lowest, idlest and most incompetent worker.
It will be immensely difficult to break the stranglehold of the machine, but it can be done, little by little; the first step being the formation of secret groups of friends for free discussion. Then numbers of people can begin systematically to break small regulations, and so to larger ones with passive resistance by groups of people pledged to stand together – and eventually the boycotting, or ambushing and killing of unjust tyrannous officials.”

The first extract in particular seems to be an uncannily accurate description of what life is like under the Labour government of today – but written over 60 years ago.

The second extract…who knows?

You can read the whole thing here.

I think it’s totally amazing.


2 Responses

  1. Superb piece!

    Unique, top quality and decent stuff Steve – it’s refreshing to see, amidst a blogland of absolute wank.

    Dennis Wheatley books, if you can find first editions in book fairs and boot sales, are always worth a few quid. Not my sort of read, but he’s a well respected author.



  2. I have to agree with John It is a superb little piece.

    The indolent masses have it coming to them

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