Education, education, incompetence

To all the shit-for-brains Education Secretaries over the last 20 years or so, who’ve failed to listen to the people who have to carry out their ill-considered policies, I have one thing to say.

They told you so.

When the widespread use of teaching assistants (TAs as they’re known) was introduced as a cheap alternative to cutting class sizes, virtually every teacher I know (quite a number, as I have lots of friends and relatives in the profession) was positive that this really wasn’t the answer.

Now, it’s official.

Pupils who receive help from teaching assistants make less progress than classmates of similar ability, a government-funded study suggests.

It said such staff tended to look after the pupils most in need, reducing their contact with the qualified teacher.

Actually, the only good thing to come out of this is that it’s a refreshing change to hear an admission of failure, but this must be of  scant comfort to those pupils and their parents who’ve experienced this monumental fuck-up firsthand.

What now?

Are they going to redeploy the TAs to work with the most able pupils?

As nothing this government of incompetent stoat-felchers does makes any sense then probably they will.


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