Shoot ’em all

It’s bad enough living in close proximity to other people – although if they’re reasonably civilized it can be OK.

Other people’s dogs are quite another matter.

It’s the fucking barking that gets me.

I’m assuming that when a dog owner lets his dog out into the back garden it’s for a crap or some quality sniffing time but most dogs just seem to want to cunting bark.

Now, if a human being went out into the garden every so often for a shout and persisted in such behaviour then I think that their mental health would be called into question.

If they kept on being a nuisance in this way then they might eventually get sectioned.

No such luck with a fucking barking dog though.

So, here’s an idea.

Legalize gun ownership and if you have a noisy dog living near you then you have the legal right to go and shoot the cunt – along with its braindead fucking owner.

Can you tell I’m annoyed yet?

4 Responses

  1. My ‘through the wall’ fucktard neighbours have two big alsations who bark all day long.

    I’m buying a shot gun.

  2. I’ll second that. One of my neighbours has a dog that barks continually while they’re out. There are days when the red mist descends over my eyes after a couple of hours of that.
    Curiously, it sounds like the dog is repeatedly woofing ‘Fuck off!’) over and over again.

  3. Rab, an RPG launcher would be a better buy.
    Although some minor decorating would be inevitable, you could get the dogs and owners without having to stir from the chaise longue.

  4. Guh, fucking barking dogs. I’m looking for a new house, and its number one on my list “NO IDIOT NEIGHBORS WITH FUCKING DOGS”.

    The quality of life issue about barking dogs, the stress caused on people, and the resulting mayhem of hatred and yes sometimes gunfire, is a big one. Yet cities do nothing to make enforceable laws to reduce or eliminate the problem.

    Instead they do stupid laws… like enforce people to wear their seat belts, when doing or not, does nothing to anyone around them. Thats a “Protect idiots from themselves” law, instead of a useful law like “Protect others from idiots”.

    Fucking barking dogs… some mad scientist needs to create an air borne disease that attacks the larynx of canines.

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