Chemtrails = con trails

So, I’m out in the garden enjoying a nice sunny Sunday with a cold beer and a smoke and my son asks me, ‘Have you ever heard of chemtrails?’

‘No,’ I reply. ‘What are they?’

And he tells me about them.

An ordinary contrail (or vapour trail as I always used to call them) like this

tends to dissipate quite rapidly and I’ve seen them many times – as have most readers of this blog, I’m sure.

However, a chemtrail behaves differently:

The trails expands and eventually covers quite a large area.

Sometimes the trails merge to form large areas of thin white cloud.

If you’ve bothered to follow the link to Wikipedia then you’ll have discovered some real tin foil hat stuff regarding chemtrails – pathogens to diminish the population, a ruse to make the pharmaceutical companies even richer, civilian mind control, etc, etc.

None of which I can take even remotely seriously.

However, once my son had pointed them out to me it got me realising that yes, the vapour trails of planes have changed and they are different today.

Look up and see for yourself.

If it’s a reasonably clear sky…

Various good scientific reasons exist for the changed appearance of contrails and I’m prepared to go with these – in the spirit of atheism, not believing in the Tooth Fairy and knowing that ID cards aren’t for our own good.

If nothing else, why hadn’t I notice they’d changed?

And what else have I missed?

7 Responses

  1. And what else have I missed?

    The disappearance of white dog shit and white eggs. And schools no longer smell of Ready Brek.

    (random thoughts of a 70s child). 😉

  2. Fear not, for I discovered some crumbly white dog poo on the common this very afternoon (No I didn’t get any on me), so a oft-missed feature of the rural landscape is still there.

  3. “Various good scientific reasons exist for the changed appearance of contrails and I’m prepared to go with these…”

    All nonsense! It’s global warming, of course!!

    On the subject of white dog poo, I seem to recall ‘Fortean Times’ has recently covered this, and YahooAnswers has had a go too:

  4. That’s new to me, Steve… there’s plenty about contrails in the Cloudspotter’s Handbook, but nothing about chemtrails as I recall (and their site doesn’t have anything either…

  5. Yes, I can vouch for the white dogshit and I still sometimes even see the mouldy, furry variety from time to time.

    I haven’t noticed much in the way of chemtrails or contrails as it has been raining for most of the summer. Is there an app on Facebook that lets you give people tin foil hats as presents?

  6. Try my site:

    Flights have increased by a factor of FIFTY since the fifties.

    A million tons of kerosine is burnt in the stratosphere every day.

    At any moment about 17% of the stratosphere is supersaturated with water.

    If a plane is flying through this supersaturation then the contrail will pick it up as accreting ice.

    This may increase the weight of the trail by a factor of TEN THOUSAND.

    Since you were a child, air travel, and the incidence of such heavy trails, has increased greatly.

    I see white dog poo every day walking my dog.

    In pre-Victorian England this white poo was collected to be made into ladies face powder. Honestly ! 🙂

  7. Chemtrails are real. The military performs weather and biological experiments on the people. They’ve been doing this for ages… the British even declassified a lot of their stuff, but that link amongst hundreds of other links escapes me at this time. Search YouTube for “Don’t talk about the weather” for a good film. Also, I do believe globalists who control the issuing of money to all but 4 countries, control all media, food, drugs, regulation, govts, etc. have tens of trillions of dollars (or more) and ARE bent on world domination… they mention it in their own books. You guys need to become MORE paranoid. You are conditioned to respond to “conspiracies” with laughter. Turn off the TV and start searching the internet to find out the truth for yourself. We are all enslaved to bankers… check out infowars and zeitgeistmovie dot coms. My hopes are with the people to somehow stop this crap without a nightmare scenario. Ron Paul might do it but the powers that be will try to distract us with entertainment, misinformation and fear!

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