A gear change

For those interested in such matters, tomorrow will see me playing with a slightly different set up.

Still in will be the ever-faithful US Fender Telecaster:


Staying in after a very successful first gig with it, the Digitech RP255:

But out will go the Peavey Classic 20 which I’ve used solidly for the past 9 years:

OK, so it’s 15 watts of sheer valve-powered goodness, but it didn’t sound great with the RP255, but – strangely enough – this did:

My Roland Cube 15 – a solid state preactice amp.

The RP255 sounds much better with this – I guess because the overall response of the Cube is very flat and it makes a good ‘blank canvas’ for the amp modelling in the RP255. The Peavey sounds great, but it does have a definite tone of its own, so it seems sensible not to layer on a Fender Blackface simulation, for example, over a Peavey Classic.

I’ve A’B’d both set ups again and I think I’ll use the Cube when Cock & Bull play Cambridge Folk Festival tomorrow afternoon.

A big plus is that the Cube is a lot lighter and a lot more robust with no valves to break or blow.

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  1. Oh yes, there’s a point… can you not switch off the RP255’s amp modelling section completely, so you’re just feeding the effects into the Peavey? Or if not, make a set of presets without amp modelling, just for gigging purposes?

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