Gordon Brown – he has dogs but he’s still barking

Gordon Brown – he’s a fucking useless cunt

This beleagured country gets more like some pre-glaznost Iron Curtain client state by the fucking minute.

First of all, an outgoing Foreign Office minister Lord Malloch-Brown says there aren’t enough helicoptors in Afghanistan

Today Lord Malloch-Brown, a former deputy secretary general of the UN who is due to leave the Government at the end of the week, appeared to confirm General Dannatt’s fears, saying: “We definitely don’t have enough helicopters.”

He told the Daily Telegraph. “When you have these modern operations and insurgent strikes what you need, above all else, is mobility.”

Then he does a complete volte face and says there are enough:

“It is important that I clarify the comments that are reported in today’s Daily Telegraph.

“On the issue of helicopters in Afghanistan, I was making the point – as the prime minister and commanders on the ground have also done – that while there are without doubt sufficient resources in place for current operations, we should always do what we can to make more available on the frontline.”

Meanwhile, our esteemed PM Gordon ‘Fuckwit’ Brown enters the fray and comments thusly:

“For the operation we are doing at the moment we have the helicopters that we need,” Mr Brown told a news conference.

This is yet another example of Brown’s control freakery and demonstrates that when it comes to listening to advice from those appointed and paid really bloody well to do so, Brown will do what Brown wants to do and he’ll force those who disagree with him to recant their questioning of his almighty omniscience.

It’s just like me calling in a plumber because I have a problem with my piping (oo-er) and then paying him for advice which I then subsequently ignore.

I mean, what is the motherfucking point?

Why not just crown Fucking Brown King and have done with it?

But what really got me was the sub-Orwellian way in which Brown described Malloch-Brown’s initial statement and subsequent retraction.

The PM said the minister had “corrected any misrepresentation” of his comments.


It seems pretty clear what Malloch-Brown said.

Let’s hear it again:

We definitely don’t have enough helicopters.

You really couldn’t be any fucking clearer than that.

And who exactly misrepresented what Malloch-Brown said?

The Telegraph interview leaves little room for doubt that Malloch-Brown was being very critical of the government:

“We definitely don’t have enough helicopters. When you have these modern operations and insurgent strikes what you need, above all else, is mobility.”

In a damaging admission, he also said that the public had not been properly warned by the Government over what was going on in Afghanistan. He took partial responsibility for this.

He said: “We didn’t do a good job a month ago of warning the British public that we and the Americans were going on the offensive in Helmand. This is a new operation; the whole purpose is to win control. These deaths have happened … after we chose to go on the offensive.”

Lord Malloch-Brown also suggested that the Taliban may have to contribute to a future Afghan government for there to be peace in the region.

It’s not as if he was praising proceedings and, in an unguarded moment,  just let a casual remark slip out that was ambiguous in some way, is it?

So, you can’t accuse the Tory MSM of spinning what a Labour government minister said.

I wonder what was said to Malloch-Brown by one of Brown’s lackeys.

Brown, of course, denies having a word in Malloch-Brown’s shell-like:

Mr Brown said he had not “personally talked to Lord Malloch Brown” before the statement was issued.

Malloch-Brown comes out of all this looking like a total limpdick – which he is.

So when are we going to get someone with some real bollocks standing up to that cuntjob at Number 10?

I’m not going to wrap this article up with any sort of snappy/clever/insightful conclusion.

All I’m going to say is that Gordon Brown is a fucking useless cunt.

Any shit-for-brains moron who thinks otherwise is requested – politely – to fuck off and stick their genitalia in a vat of boiling pus.

It’ll fucking hurt and it’ll also stop them reproducing.


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  1. Seems you have a higher opinion of gordon f***wit brown than we do. Just watched him on the ‘festival of remembrance’ and would love to have shoved his ugly mug where the sun don’t shine. My husband says that GB has always had his head up there. Evil idiot of a man. We don’t usually use bad language but GB is certainly capable of making the pope use foul language. Thank you for a good laugh whoever you are.

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