God for Harry

A couple of weeks ago I read Bernard Cornwell’s latest novel – ‘Azincourt’.

(Not a typo – it’s the French spelling of Agincourt.)

It was certainly stirring stuff, and whilst it will never win the Booker Prize (and I’ve enjoyed nothing I’ve read that ever did win it – so maybe that’s no bad thing) it certainly had plenty of blood and guts action.

I enjoyed it very much in fact and shall re-read the same author’s Grail trilogy, which also has an archer as hero.

I’ve since managed to find this:

It’s a non-fiction account of the events leading up to the Battle of Agincourt, the main players and the military campaign that culminated in the battle itself, and so far, whilst it’s obviously much drier than the novel, is a riveting read which fills in much of the background to events in the novel.

It’s interesting to note that with all the talk of an English Parliament and the re-emergence of patriotism and nationalism, many of the archers who were the crucial element in the English victory were in fact Welsh and that the longbow they used was originally Welsh in origin.

It just goes to show that in matters nationalistic, things aren’t quite as simple as they first appear…

*We pass very close by Azincourt quite often when we’re driving in France and one day I will go and see the battlefield – not, I gather, that there’s much to see. Like many such places, it’s a fairly anonymous piece of land only made remarkable by what went on there many years ago.


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