There’s nothing wrong with the family norm

I realise that this may be seen as an unpopular view by some readers, but I don’t think that Ian Duncan Smith’s recent report on the family deserves all the shit that’s been flung at it – particularly from the Left where, let’s face it, they have plenty of the Brown stuff to hand.

I’m not sure I agree with a cooling-off period before divorce proceedings are allowed to be put into operation, but I think IDS is certainly right to stress the value of a heteronormative family structure.

Not that I have anything against any other forms of relationship within which children are brought up, just that I think that a heterosexual couple who are committed to each other and the welfare of their children is a desirable norm, even though ‘bad’ families are just as liable to exist within this system as any other.

We seem to have embraced alternatives to this norm as being of equal worth, which is fair enough, but on the other hand we’ve done little to promote the man/woman/marriage/children thing and, indeed, some left-wingers seem to almost sneer at it.

Call me conservative – with a small ‘c’ – but we need to show families which conform to the still predominant man/woman/children pattern that they are just as valued and worthy of support as any other relationship which brings up children.

So, whilst they might not be the Guardian reader’s idea of a progressive and healthily diverse family unit, the prevalence of heterosexual couples bringing up children within the structure of a committed relationship is still something worth celebrating and should not be undervalued because other forms of family structure more clearly satisfy some sort of liberal wet dream.


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  1. A good, fair and balanced piece old chap. Agree with you there. I also think IDS has come into his own of late. Almost like he’s decided to step up his game a little late on in his career.

    But he’s a sound egg with balanced ideas. Shame he’s ignored, and shame the lefty BBC have no time for him as an interesting politician with good ideas.

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