PC World fuckwittery

I’ve just pre-ordered Windows 7 from PC World – it seemed about the cheapest deal at £44.99 with free delivery.

Of course, the European Microsoft customer is bent over and fucked yet again being forced to buy a crippled European version, and that’s just one more reason for viewing the EU with more than a soupçon of suspicion.

European users will have to do a complete install and not just upgrade.

We’ll also have to provide our own browser. Not that I’d use Internet Explorer – it’s a buggy piece of unshiny shit, but it now means that I’ll have to get a browser – Firefox is the preferred browser here – ready on CD or memory stick beforehand.

Just one more piece of unnecessary hassle because I’m not Usanian…

However, what has just really pissed me off is that at the end of my purchase I was advised to print out a receipt with a reference number, which I always do for tax purposes.

On the monitor it looked about a page’s worth.

In reality, the printer eventually spewed out 7 fucking pages of information, conditions and other crap which didn’t seem to represent a receipt at all.

As it happens, the first page was all I needed.

Of course, it could be a cunning ploy by PC World to empty your printer carts so that you have to hotfoot it down to your local PC World store and buy a cartridge.

Not that I would, as I always buy online as it’s way cheaper – even for original makers’ cartridges.

What I think it’s more likely to be is just sheer lack of foresight from whoever gave the brief to whoever wrote the HTML for the receipt page.

It just goes to show that even when you manage to avoid real shops you’re not free of fuckwits – even online.


4 Responses

  1. Running the RC here and it’s effing ace!

    That’s a good price too. I’ll want the family pack though, as I have more computers than is really sensible.


  2. I always click “preview PDF” before printing off any document online… been caught out exactly as you describe in the past. Does Windows have a similar facility?

  3. Well, although it wasn’t a PDF I could have gone to ‘Print Preview’ on the Firefox menu.
    I just assumed that the page was going to print WYSIWYG stylee.
    How wrong I was…

  4. Fair do’s, Steve. The European customer isn’t being forced to buy anything (http://tinyurl.com/n4yd3d), and I would choose a ground-level install over an upgrade for an OS anyway.

    Oh, and don’t forget, Print Preview is your friend. 😉

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