I want my own church…

…so I can go there and not pray…

Gratuitous Charlotte Church photo

More stupidity from secularists who sometimes get on my tits as much as religious types.

The BBC Trust is considering a non-religious Thought for the Day on Radio 4’s Today programme, sparking criticism from faith leaders.

Mark Damazer, the channel’s controller, has said that the slot on the flagship programme could “take in a wider range of voices”.

Secularists claim the item discriminates against non-believers and have complained to the Trust, the governing arm of the corporation, which will deliver its response in the Autumn.

I just find the whole thing laughable with Secularists acting almost as though they have some sort of shared belief system.

Surely, almost by definition, there must be as many secular belief systems as there are Secularists themselves?

As is pretty obvious from past entries I’ve written on this blog, I’m not at all religious and I have no time for it, but if other people want to worship whatever gets them through the night then as long as they don’t seek to impose their views on anyone else then let them get on with it.

As long as I get left alone to get on with pondering the mysteries of life, the universe and everything without religious interference.

Steve Clifford, General Director of the Evangelical Alliance said: “The Today programme has no problem running slots for business and sport, so why shouldn’t it have a slot dedicated to religion? It strikes me that the secularists predominate in the other 2 hours and 55 minutes, so is it really asking too much for religion to just have a small chunk of dedicated time?”

You know, as much as it grieves me to agree with an evangelist, I find very little to argue with in that statement.

And much to disagree with in this:

AC Grayling, the philosopher, said: “At the moment the slot is discriminatory. A lot of people are irritated by it being on a main news programme. They should really abolish it but at the very least they should have alternative views.”

Abolish it?

For fuck’s sake…5 minutes of religion out of 3 hours…so some people are irritated…and there seem to be plenty of opportunities for alternative views to be expressed…

Maybe we should all have our own radio stations – then we could express our own views.

To an audience of none as everyone would be too busy expressing their views to listen to anyone else’s…

In the end, it’s all about tolerance and not getting bent out of shape too much when people try and get some so they can do what they want to do.

My last post had the subtext of how smokers and others were suffering because of a lack of tolerance.

I can then hardly turn round and deny religious people 5 minutes from a 3 hour program for a bit of religious content, can I?

Live and let live – hardly a new aphorism but still a bloody good one.


2 Responses

  1. Quality post, Steve, once I got past the picture which nearly had my eyes out.

    Sometimes I think the fanatics on the secular side rival the religious fundamentalists for wanting their own way.

    And hey, even though you’re not religious, you can still be sympathetic to those that are. This must be a new form of debate – someone should introduce it to some elements of the EDP!

  2. Well, believe it or not, Jamie, I put the photo in after I used the phrase about Secularism getting on my tits.

    I googled for ‘Church’, found that photo, used it and then realised how apt it was afterwards.

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