How to take the EDP seriously

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here.

Vast amounts of decorating have been going on but now this latest phase of getting the house presentable for eventual sale later this year is over, I’m now on holiday and the coast is relatively clear.

Apart from the decorating, I’ve also been spending quite a lot of time posting to and reading the Facebook group set up to oppose Doncaster’s new mayor, Peter Davies.

It’s been an interesting experience to say the least.

Inevitably, you get visitors from the English Democrats Party – as I’ve detailed elsewhere – and whilst some are prepared to participate in debate, others just come on and rant in a most unpleasant and counter-productive manner.

And these rants aren’t just coming from rank and file supporters, but from prospective European and UK parliamentary candidates.

Now, far be it from me to tell anyone how to run a political party, but what I can say – having observed how parties have presented themselves to the electorate over four decades of being eligible to vote – is that no-one ever got votes by calling voters idiots.

Such indiscretions can’t be undone, either.

We live in an age when information and data can be preserved for everyone to see at anytime, in spite of people’s best efforts to conceal it.

Once you say something like the following, you’re stuck with it:

Hello again pc loonies. Are you STILL caterwauling. Did none of you bother to answer my questions about what gives YOU the right to an opinion on somebody who is not even two weeks into his job?

You’re just not representative of normal people these days. Most NORMAL people think you would have been consigned to an asylum years ago.

And this person wants your vote?

Now, however, it seems that one or two people in the EDP are starting to ‘get it’.

What’s said now on this here interweb thing can come back to haunt you later on down the line – and will, as long as people have a yen to report news for those willing to read it whether it’s in the MSM or the blogosphere.

That’s why you rarely get such behaviour displayed by the vast majority of political parties.

They’re wise to it.

And it’s hardly political rocket science, is it?

Similarly a few people in the EDP seem to have twigged that if you allow racist comments to remain on your Facebook page then this will do a party which claims not to be racist no favours whatsoever.

A few even seem to be saying that abusing people who disagree with you is perhaps not the best approach and that reasoned argument might be more productive.

Another EDP ‘debating’ tactic is to brand everyone who disagrees with them a ‘loony lefty’.

Well, some critics might well be coming from the left but not all – and certainly not this blogger.

Such labeling is simplistic and just a plain lazy debating tactic.

It’s far easier to lump your opponents together into one homogenous group rather than deal with several different opposing viewpoints.

It’s also inefficient as you’re not going to address all your opponents – only the ones you have targeted.

My criticism of the EDP can be summed up very easily and it has nothing to do with any particular political stance on my part.

I disapprove of the way Peter Davies was voted in as Mayor after standing on a platform of promises he hadn’t checked were able to be kept and I dislike some of the ways in which the EDP present themselves badly and then go on to attack criticism of this public image that they themselves have manufactured in ways which have never been and never will be acceptable from a politician of any party.

I’ve never known anything like it emanating from any political party which took itself even remotely seriously.

I’d have the same criticisms no matter what the party was.

It’s not everyone, but I get the distinct impression that certain prominent figures in the EDP are far more concerned with getting support in quantity rather than quality and that some have very few scruples as to how they do it.

Does this mean that the party is fatally ‘holed beneath the waterline’?

Well, some think so.

In my opinion, the EDP may be salvageable as a credible political party if it starts to behave like one and treat the electorate and also its critics with respect and also ensures that all racist references are removed from public forums such as the EDP’s Facebook group.

How do you take this sort of public statement seriously?

You are all pathetic whingers with no foundation in reality and you are running around like headless chickens because YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED AND YOU KNOW IT. Oh but it won’t be like you think it is. You will all be choking on your words and feeling utterly stupid when you realise just what it is you are criticising.

It’s a question the EDP should be asking itself if it wants to gain credibility.

7 Responses

  1. Yes you moan about peoples rant ,well it’s because politics have become so predictable and the self censoring language used just sounds so bland and you do not get to know properly this person who want’s you vote.
    I myself have screamed out against this bland language used ,i mean a liar is’ mistaken,or he was being economic and such twaddle ,sometimes we want to hear the proper debate about real thing’s and real people and not this prepared stuff of the popular media outlets who all say the same thing’ and say nothing, Oh” but they are polite ” ppplleaseee.

  2. If someone wants my vote, they have to earn my respect.

    I do not respect people who rant at me, call me things I am not and generally don’t allow me the right of reasoned reply.

    Do yourself a favour and read the rants and then ask yourself if that’s how far you want politics to become less predictable.

    If such ways of addressing your potential voters become the acceptable norm then we might as well kiss goodbye to democracy.

    It’ll be those with the loudest voices who will win.

    Then those with the guns.

    Hello, totalitarianism – goodbye freedom.

  3. Agree with this blog, and they’re still not learning lessons though.

    On the English Democrats’ own page they keep picking out stories from the Daily Mail that crop up from time to time – you know the sort – asylum seekers get given a million pound house etc, and present them as if they are the norm rather than the exception. This then stirs up feeling against all immigrants – comments on the most recent story include:

    David Thomas at 12:30 on 11 July
    Send the fuckers back!

    Darren Hewitt at 12:34 on 11 July
    send em all fooking back!!!

    Chris Spencer at 12:40 on 11 July
    is there any wonder why we hate em so much mind you WE only have to pay £12,500 a month rent for her not bad really

    ENGLAND is moderating these comments as she has commented later on in the thread, again denying there is anything racist about this, yet by cherrypicking these exceptional stories and presenting them as the norm, surely there’s a risk of inciting hatred?

  4. Very illuminating article, thanks Steve.

    And good report there from Jamie, who appears to have got his hands very dirty going to that fucking fuck hole of a ‘forum’.

    I love the denials of racism…whilst they continue to pump forth and regurgitate Daily Mail racist bullshit.

    Let’s not forget what two leading EDP people said to and about me on the British Democracy Forum. All simply because I have a greek blogger name.

    Wankers to a man.

  5. You are far too kind to them Steve.

    My good-looking twin John Ryder suggests everyone take a peak here:


    For the tecnically foolish (like me) the screen captures are in numerical order, starting bottom right. Click on the first photo, read the comment under it, and enlarge it by clicking “all sizes” top left under the picture title. Then go back to the photostream and on to the next photo.


  6. I really don’t think you have much faith in your fellow man if you think that unless we keep allowing this bunch to get away with thwarting the system by allowing the things thats went on and still we don’t call a fraud a fraud or a lie a lie .

    I believe that we should call them theives and fraudsters
    and throw them out and start again, by that i mean really change the system so that the whole lobbying lot are held up as corrupter’s because it’s rotten to the core .
    We have only seen the penny- ant stuff and if we are not carefull the system will fall back into place as it was simply because we did not call a spade a spade a liar a liar and so forth
    I believe that no MP will ever be charged with fraud because they will collude to keep the system and they will again spit in our faces ,we the public will never be able to change it because we do not have a vote in those very important matters ‘that really matter

  7. Superb work Mr Rob.
    Bloody hell, I wish I were that technically minded. I can barely ‘add new post’. Updating the blog roll is beyond me, I need Mr B to help me out. I’m fucking useless.

    Adios for now lads.



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