Bashing the bishop

Blimey…you turn your back (that was completely unintentional) for a few days and there’s nothing but homophobia in the news.

We’ve got Labour shitting their pants because they know they’re going to get thrashed at the next General Election and accusing the Tories of being homophobic in some sort of desperate smear tactic.

All I can say to that is ‘Alan Duncan’.

Then there’s Ed ‘I’m a fucking idiot but I’m dead lucky with it because I’ve conned Gordon into thinking I’m indispensible’ Balls who is going to outlaw the term ‘gay’ in school when used as an insult.

All I can say to that is ‘how gay can you get?’

Then there’s the real jewel in the crown…

Meet the Bishop of Rochester, Dr Michael Nazir-Ali*:

This grinning twat wants homosexuals to:

repent and be changed


WTF is this useless prick on about?

Being homosexual isn’t a matter of voluntary ‘sinning’ like shoplifting, rape or genocide. It’s something that you can’t help knowing is part of you, just as I know that I’m heterosexual.

Using an unfortunate choice of words (my emphasis) he’s also stated:

“We want to hold on to the traditional teaching of the Church. We don’t want to be rolled over by culture and trends in the Church.”

What’s with this ‘we’ crap?

The whole Church of England?

The whole country?


Speak for yourself, you fucking moron.

He’s going in September.


Fuck off you reactionary cunt.

It’s 2009 – not 1909.

*Interesting middle name – drop the ‘r’ and it really couldn’t be more apt.


3 Responses

  1. Are rape, shoplifting and genocide really as voluntary as people like to believe?

  2. Well, one would like to think so.

  3. You’re spot on Steve.

    And yes, he is a reactionary cunt. More to the point, a totally unthinking, dogmatic reactionary cunt of the typical religious, dogmatic mould.

    I love how the right comes to the defence of people like this, on the basis that it is people like US who are dogmatic and extreme and that we want to banish people from voicing an opinion on gays.

    Er, I don’t think so! How can one be in favour of tolerance regarding individual choice AND dogmatic. I’m no saying homophobes should be banned from their opinions, I’m saying that they deserve to be shown up for being dogmatic homphobes, it’s really quite simple.

    Let them make cunts of themselves and render their diminshing little colonies of bigots and haters into dwindling Daily Mail ants nests.

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