A new toy

My trusty Zoom 707 multi-effects unit gave up the ghost at the last gig I played – after nearly 10 years of sterling service. It’s knackered – it’s been kicked around stages all over the UK, had beer spilt all over it, been thrown into the back of vans and cars and been generally abused. Bought secondhand in 2000 it’s now gone to the great guitar graveyard in the sky…

So, I splurged on another multi-effects unit. I tried out a Behrenger X V-Amp which was terrible – a nasty lag between patch, a horrid plastic case that would have lasted all of about 3 months of abuse and it was very, very noisy so that went back to the excellent emporium that is Dolphin Music.

Then I tried this:

It’s the Digitech RP255 and it’s all the things the Behrenger wasn’t – it’s very quiet, it’s built like a fucking tank with a diecast metal case and it’s got instant patch switching.

It’s also loaded with some great presets which are surprisingly subtle, as well as being fully editable so I can create my own custom presets.

What makes this a joy to use is the included X-Edit software which means you can edit the unit from the PC via USB:

The RP255 also comes with a version of Cubase for recording the guitar straight into the PC when multitracking.

Excellent bit of kit!


4 Responses

  1. Ah, always a pleasure to see someone not suffering post purchase remorse. Also nice to see someone who can understand all the little buttons and flashing lights – looks nice and portable too.

    I’m still back in the Stone Age with my Boss pedal board, left to right Flange, Delay, Chorus, Pitchshifter, Fuzz/octaver, Fender Reverb simulator pedal – all of which get used for about a nano second, with the guitar first running through my trusty ProCo Rat and then through the excellent T-REX Moller overdrive pedal with separate boost circuit, which get used practically all the time. No Wah, can’t abide ’em.

    I’ve asked this before – a BLUE Tele? Why?

  2. Wow! Superb stuff. I haven’t a clue what any of this means, but it looks fucking cool.

    Good to see you back too – I was getting worried after your absence!

    see ya round

  3. A pink SG with a maple neck?????

    Hell’s Bells !!!!!!!!!!

  4. […] Staying in after a very successful first gig with it, the Digitech RP255: […]

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