Will no-one rid us of this trougher?

‘Why don’t they like me?’*

For fuck’s sake – anyone but bloody Margaret Beckett for Speaker.

If she gets the job then that really is the capper on public disillusionment with politics.

She has some of the most questionable expenses claims, she’s yet another Nu Labour MP, she’s been bloody useless at every office she’s ever held and she’s obnoxiously lofty.

Mrs Beckett has some of the most questionable expense claims of any senior Labour figure and was widely criticised by the audience during a recent appearance on the BBC One programme Question Time.

She claimed thousands of pounds for gardening costs at her designated constituency second home while she lived in a grace and favour Whitehall apartment.

She’s also the subject of a story in the Telegraph today which doesn’t make comfortable reading or bode well for the future:

Senior Labour MPs said they were being put under pressure to endorse Mrs Beckett, the former foreign secretary, in today’s secret ballot to chose a successor to Mr Martin. On Sunday night Mrs Beckett was the bookmakers’ favourite for the post.

I’ve said before about her reaction to the jeering from the audience in the recent edition of the BBC’s ‘Question Time’ mentioned above.

She didn’t like it.

If she hangs around like a bad smell much longer, I think she’ll have to get used to it.

*Because you should have fucked off years ago, you useless cow.


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  1. They just don’t give a shit what we think do they? Not even a little bit.

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