STOP PRESS – troughing fucker is the new Speaker!*

So, Bercow got it.

At least it wasn’t Margaret ‘Dig my fucking garden you peasant’ Beckett which is some consolation.

I’d like to think that Labour MPs didn’t bow to pressure from the whips – hence Beckett’s third place after being the bookies’ favourite at 2/1….

*see what I did there? I had that topic heading ready to apply to anyone.


4 Responses

  1. I always imagined I was quite up to date with politics, but before this week, I’d never heard of the chap!

    Still maintain Mr T would have been a good outside bet.

  2. Bercow’s interesting – but a real opportunist. I don’t like him, but at least Beckett didn’t get it.

    Hope you’re not put off by my language.

    I’ve been restrained for the EDP stuff. John and Kevang at Boatang & Demetriou beat me hands down though..,.

    I reckon Widdecombe would have been good – not that I like her but I reckon she wouldn’t have put up with much at all.

  3. Nah, i’m not offended by language – I don’t tend to use it, but each to their own. Am far more offended by the EDP, that’s for sure!

    Beckett would have been a nightmare, and of the candidates i’d heard of, i was favouring Widdecombe, much for the same reason as you. Plus at least she didn’t fiddle any expenses.

  4. Apart from her photo library – google it. Quite amazing. But a drop in several other MPs’ oceans.

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