Speaker election update

Another George Young

The first round of votes is over:

  • Bercow 179
  • Young 112
  • Beckett 74
  • Haselhurst 66
  • Beith 55
  • Widdecombe 44

Eliminated – having not achieved 5% of the vote:

  • Dhanda 26
  • Shepherd 15
  • Cormack 13
  • Lord 9

A hopeful sign with ‘Hanging Baskets’ Beckett coming a poor third.

Bercow is a troughing twat, so that leaves Young as this blog’s favourite.

He may not be perfect, but at least he isn’t Beckett or Bercow…

Incidentally, it seems that over 50 MPs didn’t vote.

Where the fuck were they and what were they doing?

Lazy cunts.


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