Waterside Festival gig

Had a great time last Friday at the Waterside Festival here in MK.

Jean-Pierre was back and we were all well up for 75 minutes high-energy blasting. Mega-loud PA, great crowd with lots of impromptu dancing, nice weather, a great craic.

More great photos by Derek Gibbons – thanks, mate!

(If you can’t say anything pleasant about these photos then I’d like to ask you, very politely, to just shut the fuck up)


2 Responses

  1. Those look like Eric Clapton glasses to me mate!

    Great pics, and great blog update.

    Nice one fella!


  2. The glasses thing was funny.
    I’d got there, set up and soundchecked wearing my prescription sunglasses.

    I thought I’d have chance to go and change them for my regular pair but didn’t have time to get to the car for them, so I ended up playing in them and could hardly see a thing towards the end of our set as it was getting dark.

    I modelled myself on Clapton from about 15 to 20 – the hair, sideburns, perm, no perm, etc, etc. I was a real Clapton fanboi.

    I’ve always fancied forming a Cream tribute band. At least I’d still sound like him…

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