More money than dress sense?

Some ‘anonymous’ prick recently criticised my dress sense on this blog.

Looking at the photo that inspired the rather petty comment, I’m fine with what I see.

I’m wearing one of my favourite possessions – a denim jacket that I bought in a French market. We’d just driven along one of France’s amazing autoroutes – which put British motorways to shame in every conceivable way – in the worst rain storm I can ever remember. It was so bad that everyone pulled up on the hard shoulder and waited it out rather than trying to drive through what was about one metre’s visibility – which is what many British drivers would try and do. We stopped at the next town – Pithiviers – for a coffee break and arrived as the market was packing up. I saw the jacket, liked it as it was a tad longer than some I’d seen, saw the price – 30 euros – and offered the stallholder 20, which he accepted when I turned and walked away after he asked for 25. I’ve worn it for about 5 years now and although it’s starting to fray a bit in places I just love it.

Thinking about what else was in the offending photo, I was wearing some combat trousers, a polo shirt and some hiking shoes.

The sum cost of the whole ‘outfit’ was about £70.

Cheap, but it suits me.

In fact, it’s what I normally wear for work, too.

I’ve done the ‘suit thing’ and even had to wear an academic gown over my suit in my first two years’ work after I left University. Nowadays I have one suit, one smart shirt, one tie and one pair of black leather shoes. I wear that outfit for weddings and funerals – that’s it, and I’m grateful I don’t have to wear it for work. The only concession I’ve made for work is to wear polo shirts and not t-shirts.

I’ve never pretended to be fashionable, trendy, whathaveyou and I’ve been lucky enough to wear what I feel comfortable in all the time for the past 15 years or so.

And if you don’t like what I wear – quite frankly – fuck you.

I do have a few expensive clothes – a couple of really good jackets, a few garish but pricey shirts and a tailored jacket in Japanese silk and I usually wear them for special gigs with my bands such as CD launches, major festival gigs and the like.

I’m not a ‘labels’ person then – if I can buy a pair of trousers for a tenner, I’m well happy. Doesn’t matter to me what ‘designer’ name is on them.

Not so some people – and good luck to them.

I think they’re often paying for the name or following trends but it’s their money.

However, I was struck by a fashion spread in the Telegraph – bought for the MPs’ expenses supplement and well worth reading – today.

I saw this:


I thought, ‘Eewww…’.

Then I looked at the price…

Holy fuck!

Have a guess at the total cost of the whole ensemble – that’s the mac, jumper, trousers and shoes…

(You might want to sit down when I tell you)


The mac alone is £1088…

OK, I may not be the sharpest dresser, but at least my outfit only cost me a mere fraction of what the one above costs and I don’t think I’m any more scruffy than the guy above looks.

At least I didn’t shell out a couple of grand and each to their own, and all that, but £2026…

I think it’s a bit of a piss take to be honest.

To conclude – a question:

Does anyone actually buy the clobber you see in the fashion spreads?


4 Responses

  1. Do I fuck! To be honest, most of my clothes are hand-me-downs from a family friend who’s pretty much the same size as me, so fuck the designer when I get free clothes that aren’t too shabby (the guy’s pretty ‘in’ as it were). Charity shops are also a bonus.

  2. Fucked if I’d know it if I saw it…

    Hail to Debenhams and Bury market, I say.


  3. I got married in a suit that cost me £4 in 1992.

    In today’s money that would be – Oh – I guess about £4.50.

    It is a finer suit than I would ever be able to afford new (Huddersfield Worsted wool), and still looks immaculate.

    This summer however, I’m thinking of splashing out on what would be my most expensive T-shirt ever. Which do you think I should go for?


  4. @Antheald

    I can beat that!

    I got married in 1972 and wore a suit I borrowed off my best man.

    Hmm…not sure I go for the designs…

    How about this?

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