How to gently woo the voter

Warning: These are quotes that I have ‘redacted’ slightly and are unsourced for various reasons – anyone wishing to be given the exact URL where these ‘gems’ can be found is free to contact me for full details. All I’ll say here is that they are recent and from a social networking site.

Both quotes from the same person.

You are seemingly incapable of presenting a legitimate or reasoned argument. You are however, good at personal insults. Are you proud of that? Perhaps it’s the only thing you’re good at, apart from throwing accusations around the internet. Id love to know what makes you such a great **************. Certainly not your sense of fair play, or open mindedness but you pc types claim to be open minded but you are not, otherwise you wouldn’t have set up a ridiculous anti-democracy group like this. Tell me, what brand of fascism ARE you into? Perhaps you don’t have the capacity to understand two sides of an argument. I do. But only when the ‘other side’ is one born out of reason and knowledge and is INFORMED , which clearly yours isn’t. In a war of words, you are lagging quite a distance behind. Because as yet, I have not seen you present a FAIR AND JUST CASE. ***** ****** has barely been in office two weeks. THINK ABOUT IT! (iF YOU CAN)

Then a few minutes later:

and now, I leave you to explore the far reaches of your limited brains, for an answer to this conundrum (it’s not rocket science actually), I am now off to do something useful for MY community. I wonder what you will alll be doing in an hour’s time eh? Trying to find that old chestnut of yours ‘racism’ hidden in unlikely places; pillory and victimise others for not agreeing with your blinkered views? I wonder how many of your predictable racism cards you will have thrown up by the end of the evening. And when you go to your beds you will have achieved what exactly? Another victory for democracy and commonsense? I’m just off to feed the pigs that have landed in my garden before I go off about my legitimate, just, legal and HELPFUL business. Sorry I can’t stay to read your answers to my questions but I bet it will make laughable reading to my colleagues. Keep up the good work; the more of you people exist, the more votes we will get!

File under: ‘You really couldn’t make this shit up’…


7 Responses

  1. I can’t imagine who they were from. Well actually I can, as the sporadic CAPITAL letters and ranting nature of the posts is rather familar!

    It is just RIDICULOUS and RACIST towards English people that the word ENGLAND is only worth 9 points at Scrabble whilst ZIMBABWE is worth 26 points. This is YET ANOTHER example of RACISM against our country. You liberal TYPES ARE just STUPID and don’t care. NOW I’m off to do worthy work – I HAVE CHECKED OUT all of you and KNOW THAT you do nothing WORTHY whatsoever – YOU JUST SIT THERE at your computers all DAY READING THE SOCIALIST PAPERS. YOU all have small minds and COME THE REVOLUTION you will be the FIRST up against the WALL

  2. Spot on, Jamie! 🙂
    You know, I’m not too sure how sane or otherwise these people are.
    To me, they sound almost rabid.
    I’m serious – you can be passionate about something, but you don’t have to shout at, abuse and belittle people who don’t share your enthusiasm.
    If you do these things in spite of it not being within the very broad limits of what is judged by the majority to be the acceptable norm then you have to be at least clinically obsessive.
    One or two of them are, I believe, totally fucking mental.

  3. It’s not just on social networking sites though !

  4. Anyone would go a bit loopy if they had to spend time with Gary Bushell, so we must be sympathetic

  5. The person of who you speak has just left 4 consecutive posts and it’s got a lot worse! I am now definitely inclined to side with your last sentence of your comment – bats in the belfry for sure.

  6. How fucked up can one person possibly be?

    I really don’t care what cause she’s supporting.
    It’s no way to argue your point.
    Words fail me now.
    I’m away.

    Later Jamie…

  7. The more of you people exist, the more votes we will get? Surely if 60-ish million of “you people” existed, they wouldn’t get any votes at all. Strange……..

    Wonder what she does for HER community…takes the straightjackets to the laundry perhaps…….

    Don’t think I want the link to this site – sounds to high-brow for me..

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