How to gently woo the voter – part le deux

Same person again – from earlier this afternoon.

Links available, etc, etc.

Totally unedited.

Again, you really couldn’t make this shit up.

Hello again pc loonies. Are you STILL caterwauling. Did none of you bother to answer my questions about what gives YOU the right to an opinion on somebody who is not even two weeks into his job? What YOU would do if you moved to a foreign country? would you expects its taxpayers to fund forms for you in English because you can’t be bothered and don’t have the manners to learn their language? My Philippino friends don’t have translated forms as they actually RESPECT this country and expect nothing from the taxpayer. As for gay pride – you REALLY put that before public services that are VITAL? Oh and somebody apparently attacked me for deleting posts. You are all so hysterical and need to be locked up. Democracy? You hypocrites! You have set up a site to persecute someone who hasn’t even begun his reign of office yet and you go on about equality and democracy. You are truly PATHETIC. I bet half of you didn’t even vote. You are undemocratic, moronic and RACIST

You are also seemingly incapable of reasoned debate or even doing your homework. I bet half of you didn’t even vote. If you gave even half the energy you devote to hysterical and nonsensical rants on facebook, you might achieve something for the good of the community. I do more for other people in the average working day than you lot have done in a lifetime. You are all pathetic whingers with no foundation in reality and you are running around like headless chickens because YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED AND YOU KNOW IT. Oh but it won’t be like you think it is. You will all be choking on your words and feeling utterly stupid when you realise just what it is you are criticising. You are all WAY OFF THE MARK because you do not have the mental capacity to assimilate facts. Those of you who are still here after a couple of weeks need to look at yourselves very carefully. You are trying to DESTROY NOT PRESERVE DEMOCRACY – and you are encouraging racist behaviour from the far right.

Our leader talked down the lunatic George Galloway on Talksport radio last night. Tied him in knots. Like most pc racist bigots, when face to face with one of us he couldn’t make the racism tag stick and neither will you lot. You will see common sense in the end if you are capable. Racism you won’t find. Even today we have had Asian supporters on our facebook page. I have many new Asian friends on facebook as a result of our site. A lot of them are agreeing with us and ARE SICK OF YOU LOT APOLOGISING FOR EVERYTHING. YOU ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT AND SHOULD TRY SHUTTING UP

~So why not spend your afternoon doing something useful instead of lazing around on here making ludicrous and frankly, futile, grouhdless and hysterical accusations. I haven’t been on here for a few days because unlike you bunch of racist bigots, I have better things to do – and may therefore not be back for another few days. I can’t be bothered to bandy words with people like you. You’re just not representative of normal people these days. Most NORMAL people think you would have been consigned to an asylum years ago.


12 Responses

  1. Ah, I see she is calling for people to be locked up now….I’ve changed my mind, when convenient please could you let me have a link please Steve?

  2. @Mr Rob
    It would be a pleasure.

    However, there is no fresh spoor and she has said she may not be back for a few days as everyone is so stupid there.

    And racist.

    And ignorant.

    And something else.

    Maybe she won’t be back at all as she’ll be too busy helping someone do something very noble indeed.

  3. Thank you Steve, I am now back and suitably showered – you really are having fun over there aren’t you? Nice to see the EDP exposing themselves to a thinking audience like that.

    I was shocked and surprised that the mad woman was a friend of Uncles – so I will leave her alone, she has enough problems – also a friend of The Uber Leader Robin Tilbrook’s wife it would seem.

    Put the boot in a bit elsewhere though – well, shame not to really….

  4. Fuck it! I see the group has been closed and is now secret.

    It really pisses me off when people get silenced like this – I don’t know what threats may have been made against people for them to do this, but it is the wrong decision – closing down free speech nearly always is.

    You can’t protest in secret, people – you’ve just given your opponents the biggest lift since their man won and things started to unravel with the interview.

    As my friend John Ryder famously disappointedly exclaimed in the classic The Hitcher (1986):


  5. Oh shit.

    Yes, it’s understandable in many ways, but ultimately you’ve let them win when you stop expressing your opinions openly.

    Two groups would work – one open and one secret.

    I’ll see if I can find out what caused this decision to be made.

    Up until late last night it all looked pretty much OK. I logged on via my phone at about midnight and it was very very quiet.



    I am working closely with an admin of a davies support group after we recieved abuse and death threats on here. We have agreed that our members should not join eachothers groups as it only results in arguments. the admin has asked her members to not join this group or harass members and I urge members on here to respect their opinions and do the same. afterall, there is more to life than politics 🙂
    peter is the father of Philip Davies, MP for Shipley who is trying to get rid of the National Min Wage!

    That’s all I’ve found so far.

  7. Yeah, i saw that, I think it referred to a different group (though probably the same people and methods!).

    We’ll have to wait for the sole remaining admin to reply – although he/she seemed pretty identity-protected and thus safe to continue another group – unless you made individual contact with any of the other members who might know.

    Thought this might be a slightly too open medium for dealing with these people – I doubt the creators really knew what hit them…………

  8. I’ve contacted a couple of people. I’ll keep you posted.

  9. Thank you – will look in tomorrow morning.

  10. Facebook group now back – with a change of admin.
    Interesting to note that admin seems to be all school students.
    Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

  11. That depends what you’re thinking! Wasn’t “Are you thinking what we’re thinking” Michael Howard’s tagline for the election a few years back? It always sounded a bit creepy to me.

  12. […] elsewhere – and whilst some are prepared to participate in debate, others just come on and rant in a most unpleasant and counter-productive […]

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