The Doncaster Free Press

I’m sure that the DFP does a good job, but this blog beats it to the top Mayoral news.

This has just been reported (DFP 18th June) but SteveShark ran the story on the 15th – 3 whole days ago.

Mind you, I don’t have any classified ads on this blog, although I do know a man with a Toyota Prius for sale…

Toot toot!


4 Responses

  1. Let’s face it though Steve, we both just cribbed it from the LGC 😉

  2. I’d just like to say that I have a mole in the Mayor’s office.

    I’d like to say that, but it would be a complete lie.

    Yes, the LGC – guilty as charged! 🙂

    Is that Prius still for sale?

  3. Steve

    What’s happened to the group we were postin on over the weekend?

  4. Mr Rob – I wondered that.

    I’ve sent a PM asking about it.

    As soon as I know, etc…

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