I had a dream…

…last night.

Perhaps someone would like to analyze it for me.

I’m standing apart from Gordon Brown and David Cameron outside a big old building.

Brown and Cameron start arguing.

Suddenly, Cameron takes a swing at Brown.

I dash over to Cameron, pull him away and shout, ‘Leave ‘im, Dave! E’s not worth it!’ – Eastenders stylee.

What does it mean?


4 Responses

  1. It means you are drinking too much Calvados.

    Do you think that Dave’s “serious” face makes him look like one of Monty Python’s Gumbies? No hankie on the head though – shame.

  2. I think it looks like Brown is giving Cameron a taste of the ‘hairdrier’ and Cameron is really quite cowed – almost as if he’s going to burst into tears.

  3. He could be belching at him.

  4. After some haggis and neeps?

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