Council cockwittery

I see that one of our secondary schools here in Milton Keynes is being talked about as a potential city academy.

It owes the council £2.8 million after a land sale fell through after developers pulled out.

I then read in the same local rag that the council has decided to spend £400 000 on refurbishing the debating chamber.

I was in there about a year ago at a council hearing I was involved with as a witness and thought how nice it was.

I thought times were hard.

Plenty of council money for council chamber updates but none for schools…

How odd.

Mind you, the council’s track record with schools is pretty shitty.

Bordering, some have said, on the criminally negligent, with one new school being approved by the council only to remain unoccupied for several months due to its main structure being in danger of imminent collapse.

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