Open response to ‘English Nationalist’

I read the comments you left on my blog with great interest although they revealed a political debating tactic that I have never seen before.

I am an avid amateur history student and in over 30 years reading about the subject I have never heard of any political party advancing its cause through addressing its critics in such an abusive manner.

I may be guessing here, but I’m pretty sure that if I blogged about Brown, Cameron, Clegg or even Nick Griffin criticizing certain aspects of their policies or tactics that I wouldn’t get a comment back calling me a ‘cunt’.

Indeed, I have blogged in this manner, and none of those gentlemen have even so much as criticised my dress sense.

Reading your comments on my blog and then reading what the majority of rank and file EDP members have said on the various forums I’ve visited, I have to say that your tone when addressing critics is unique.

Instead of engaging in constructive criticism, you lapse into cliche and dogma which only allows your opinion to prevail, since your terms of reference do not allow differences of opinion to be acknowledged.

I do hope that you play no pivotal role in the EDP as you appear to possess absolutely no understanding of politics or political debate whatsoever.

In conclusion, I have to say that I feel I’ve ‘met’ you before, possibly in the old English Democrats Forum, but I couldn’t be sure.


One Response

  1. Repulsive behaviour. There’s attacking someone for their position and there’s attacking someone and allowing a right to respond, and then there’s flagrant, anonymised abuse that fails to encourage any way forward in debate.

    The latter is clearly a poor show.

    Funny isn’t it, I’ve never heard the words ‘Liberal Self Hater’ uttered before, particularly with capitals at the beginning of every word.


    Hang on……

    That’s right, I have haven’t I! Silly me.

    I wonder what he’s doing with his summer now the election is over and his £5,000 has been shafted up the shitter. Probably in the bookies trying to win it back.

    I know another person of a particular party who likes stuff like that English Natty, you two should get together some time!

    I hear there’s a dog that races at Hove called Playa Hater. Not quite a Liberal one, but not a bad likeness. Worth a punt for the name, surely?

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