More comment – this time from English Democrat publicity

Another comment from someone who is really short on ‘people skills’.

I have a pretty shrewd idea who this is.

I hope you’re having fun.

At least this time you’ve had the sense to get a Yahoo email account and not use your EDP one.

I’ll post every comment so people can see exactly what we’re dealing with here.

Also, copies will go to David Lane when he gets back from his hols – ones which won’t get intercepted by Steve Uncles.

New comment on your post #2371 “The English Democrats, Will Carling, Billy Bragg and Fakebook celebrity ‘endorsements'”
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steveshark, on June 15th, 2009 at 2:28 pm Said:

“All joking aside, there are some ‘christian’ EDP members on their forum, who invoke God and England in the same breath all the time.
That makes them doubly damned in my book…”

Good to see you looking so fit and athletic mr Shark.
Do you exercise on a regular basis? Now, forgive me if I am wrong, but what is an adonis like person such as yourself doing using the nick name “Shark”? Change your name to jellyfish you fat bigot. Fit you are not. No doubt come the change you’ll not do very well.

As for you hating Christians, it’s okay mr alledged music man JESUS LOVES YOU!
The English have a very long association with Christianity! If you object to it so much why do you live in England? What? Not gone to France yet?
Anyway, go and reside in a non-Christian state. See how far that gets yer, you unfit, uncouth bigot.


4 Responses

  1. I did laugh when I remembered what he looked like from his own Facebook photo!

    ooooh, what a laughable cunt that man is.

    I see he has failed to address any of your points whatsoever. Neither has he attempted to resolve the whole facebook endorsement fiasco.

    He’s long on bullshit and abuse and short on logic and intelligence.

    That’s the EDP big wig we have come to know and cherish, eh!

  2. John Said

    “ooooh, what a laughable cunt that man is”

    Takes one to know one !

    Can you explain, John, why you believe that Westminster is THE “English” Parliament again to everyone ? (Laughable)

    Current UK Constitution a little tricky for you ?- like to think of yourself as some sort of Ian Dale, but without any knowledge or wit ? (Laughable)

    Why don’t you try using Goggle or Wikapedia, before your next embarrassment? (Laughable)

    (Also take those sun glasses off, it’s not sunny today !)

    Have you spoken to the Scottish Nationalist – George Galloway recently – you know the one who signed the “Scottish Claim of Right”

    [Look it up you might learn something]

  3. English Democrat publicity.

    You are right. He looks unfit.

    Purity of mind = purity of body = purity of essence.

    Purity of Essence.

    Many seek to undermine and pollute our precious bodily fluids, but I see that you have interpreted the situation correctly.

    Fluoridization, EDP, or may I call you Edie….fluoridization and French, f being alphabetically the sixth letter, see? Fluoridization, French, Fit – 666. Only a few of us understand…..

    Women will sense the power in you, but I know you will deny them your essence!

  4. re reading English Nationalists comments, it struck me how amazingly immature they are. No, really, think about it – kids stop saying stuff like that when they reach about 14.

    Amazingly pathetic.

    Assuming that the anonymised ‘English Nationalist’ is more advanced in years than 14, could it be a fair and reasonable speculation to express concern over his mental well being?

    I don’t think anything this chap has put on this blog bodes well for what is happening amongst those little grey cells.

    Poor bloke. Maybe he deserves pity rather than scorn.

    Wherever you are ‘English Nationalist’, look after yourself mate. Check yourself out with your GP. I’m quite concerned.

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