Comments received from ‘English Nationalist’

Over the space of about an hour, in the early hours of this morning, someone calling themselves ‘English Nationalist’ left 7 comments on this blog.

They’re all there beneath the relevant articles, but I thought I’d collate them here as they make very interesting reading.

I’m not going to comment on them now – that will be the subject of an article which will be an open letter to this individual.

What I ask is that you read them and make your own mind up about the author and what he represents.

Here’s the posting details – only given once as they were the same for every email notification I received.

Author : English Nationalist (IP: ,
E-mail :
URL    :
Whois  :

Their source seems very clear and the IP address checks out.

If strong language offends you, then please understand that I’m merely quoting this person.

(The last comment contains a very lengthy quote from a previous article I wrote, and one comment seems to have been intended for fellow blogger John Demetriou.)

The comments have been left completely unedited.

Try reading  what is actually there, rather then what you pretend to be there.
Good Luck, in your quest to make yourself into a complete arse (hole)

Are you going to publish the “acknowledgements” from the Agents to these Celebrities to your lobbying.
We can then compare letters.
We have letters from
Elton John
Jonny Wilkinson
Jeremy Paxman
Felicity Kendall
Barbara Windsor
Let’s see what you come up with, Steve “not” so Sharp
Are you a Liberal Self Hater by any chance ?

You look like a Cunt and write like a Cunt

What sort of Knob are you – John Demetriou,
Can you not use Goggle or Wikapedia such is your level of mental handicap ?
The National Chairman of the English Democrats is Robin Tilbrook.
– Where does it say that Steve Uncles is “Leader”  –  also Steve Gash, left the English Democrats National Coucil 2 years ago.
Are you also going to “lay into” Plaid Cymru or the SNP, or is it just English Nationalism, you can’t understand.
– “Liberal Self Hating” only leads to bad things.

“This blog is NOT part of the right-wing Blogosphre – or even the left”
it’s the sandle wearing, unwashed
“Liberal Self Haters” Bloggers
You be carefuly guys, hating everything, leads to hating yourself – and we know where that can end !!!!

Steve No wonder, you are so angry, I guess it’s a long time since you got laid !!!!!
I guess you have to make do with the Hand Shandies
Who do you shopping with to get those clothes
David Blunkett ?
What a loser

As much as it amuses me to see the English Nationalist cause crumbling before my very eyes, I feel a strange compassion and will now, generously, set you straight.
In essence, Mr Uncles, you have cut and pasted certain blog entries written by a Mr Demetriou with which and whom you disagree.
You have then discussed them amongst yourselves.
Had Mr Demetriou and Mr Rob not done a bit of ‘digging’ and found out what was going on then none of us outside this forum would have been any the wiser.
Don’t you see the problem with this?
You’re discussing opinions with which you disagree amongst yourselves.
If you really want to persuade people to your way of thinking then you have to ‘get out there’ and actually engage with those people – not discuss their views in some sort of ‘vacuum’ because, ultimately, that’s just talking to yourself.
Is this really how political movements are born?
Mr Uncles has been issued with a challenge – when is he going to accept it?
Are his arguments and opinions strong enough to exist outside of this forum and has he got the necessary courage of his convictions to enable him to engage in debate on Mr Demetriou’s blog?
Or, are his opinions and beliefs to weak to be discussed away from those who agree with him already?
Will Mr Uncles test his arguments and debating skills in the open and away from the safety of this forum?
Or will he continue to cower in his bunker?


So you bloggers, can’t use Goggle then ?
Why is a forum different to a blog.
Both can be debated upon/in ?
Yet another not so Sharp, comment from Steve not so Sharp.
Forums, offer a better form of debate, clowns like Lightfoot edit comments, to twist the posts.


23 Responses

  1. Good grief! No actual argument just a lot of insult. However I do think some checking of the Scots and Welsh parties may be worthwhile just to stop the EDP feeling so victimised, highlight why EDP are so much worse 🙂

  2. If this sort of abuse came from those other parties, I might agree with you.

    What sort of political party worthy of the name adopts such tactics to advance their policies and counter opposition?

    By posting such comments, this individual has put themselves – and their arguments – outside of an acceptable norm.

  3. Unmistakably Steve Uncles.

  4. @Ducky
    The same thought had crossed my mind.

  5. I’m a betting man.

    Are there ANY people out there willing to take a bet off me for around £50,000 on the identity of the person who posted on this abusing bullshit to Steve on his site?

    HAHAHA! Brilliant work Sharkey, brilliant, brilliant work.

    What can I say? You’re approach is spot on. You needn’t comment, because their own words do all the talking – all you have to do is draw the arrow.

    The EDP disgusts me – to think that a couple of weeks ago, I hadn’t even heard of them is terrifying. I like to think I keep abreast on the worst and the most nasty elements in British politics. Out of sheer morbid fascination.

    I’m interested though – why is he so utterly obsessed with Chris Lightfoot (deceased)?

    I will state this here and now, only because it’s an honest portrayal of how I feel about the topic. But if I found out someone was slagging off a relative of mine who’d killed himself, I’m not sure I’d be the world’s most happy or patient person.

    I mean…that sort of conduct is the lowest of the low, is it not?

  6. [edit to add: please excuse my hideous typing errors above – I’m a little tired]


  7. This is it, John.

    You really don’t need to say anything – such people condemn themselves.

    Why do they do it FFS?

    Don’t these people want our votes?

    You have to woo a voter, not throw him on his back, knock him out and then buttfuck him!

  8. It’s getting to the point where I’m more angry with the upper cream of the EDP than I am with mugs like ‘English Nationalist’.

    The mere fact they refuse to even tick off, let alone condemn and ostracise, the bloke says it all.

    It speaks volumes. If I ran a party, and some bloke was actitvely and without restraint, dragging its name through the gutter, I’d have the cunt sent packing faster than a rabbit gets fucked.

    But no! Far from it. He has free reign to do what he likes.

    OK, if that’s the game they want to play, that’s fine by me.

    A few things though:

    1) I have no intention of giving up blogging, so I’ll probably be doing this in 10-15 years time or more.

    2) I have a memory like an Elephant, so I won’t forget what certain people have said. Stuff like, I don’t know, ‘the indications are that Diiimeeeeteeeooo is of foreign extraction…we need to shun ’em , teach these foreigners a lesson etc etc’ and of course ‘liberal self hater who hates the very country who gave him the ability to be critical of it’.

    To reproduce just a couple of things people have said to me on certain forums.

    3) Because I will blog till I’m 90, and because I remember everything and bear grudges for longer than Lord Lucan’s missing moment, if the English Democrats ever make any headway into politics, I’ll be there like a fucking fart in a car, stubbonly sticking around and refusing to leave until I’ve smoked every last fucker out.

    All the shit people have come out with will be highlighted, over and over, until the embarassment becomes too deep even for the most stubborn, deranged of amateur politicians.

    So, unless certain people apologise to Steve and I, make good on their failings and acknowledge their faults (they know what the fuck I’m talking about) then I’m afraid ol Johnnie Demetriou is going to be one permament pain in the arse.

    Bye bye and sweet dreams all!


  9. \”I’d have the cunt sent packing faster than a rabbit gets fucked\”

    John – you are the one, who thought that \”Westminster\” was an English Parliament – is that not so ?

    \”Johnnie Demetriou is going to be one permament pain in the arse\”

    I do believe that most people would agree with you on this one John.

    Here is a quote from one of our new Activists

    \”Also, just to let you know > I put a donation through paypal today (= yesterday, seeing what the time is now) for £50 which I hope will be of some help. It was precipitated by all the publicity from that kind (?) chap Demetriou who\’s blog I have so much enjoyed reading these last few days (he\’s certainly been very entertaining, if somewhat confused, schizophrenic and filthy mouthed!) His ramblings led me to revisit the EDP website and download/read in full the manifesto. I was pleased to find so much in there that I agree with and fully support. Good job that Demetriou, I\’d say! I\’ll definitely now be voting English Democrat come Thursday and will have no hesitation in urging others to do the same\”

    Keep it up Johnnie Boy ! , English Democrats need all the publicity we can get !!!!!!!

  10. Steve! Great to hear from you again, thought you’d disappeared.

    Do you remember those good old times we used to have over on the British Democray Forum, chewing the fat (nothing personal) – you know, when you’d tell people you hoped they’d end up committing suicide, and all that light banter?

    I remember one exchange in particular, when I asked you why you had said that criticising the English Democrats or their manifesto was un-English, but had then posted that you had said merely not voting for them was un-English.

    Aside from your amusing assumption of being the sole arbiter of what is, and what is not, English, I wanted to discuss the very real implications of your original (true) opinion for freedom of speech and the democratic process, as opposed to the hypothetical one regarding voting (unless I tell you who I voted for I’m safe from accusation, if you are a bit slow today).

    Why did you write that article Stevie, saying you were proud to stand by what you had said, when in fact it was not what you had said at all? The original is still on John Demetriou’s blog.

    Why did you lie, Stevie?

    Oh please don’t run away again – you can tell Mr Rob.

  11. I think he ran away, Mr Rob.

    Uncharacteristic of him, eh?

    Or then again…

  12. No, no John – he’s spent the afternoon ranting on your blog.

    Steve, do you and John have some sort of time-share arrangement with Uncles and his little friend?

  13. I’ve just noticed.

    I can’t say as I understood most of it. A lot of it appeared to be some sort of open challenge to ‘Toque’ in the running for some provincial, low key position within the EDP.

    Quite why this is relevant to my site or to me, I don’t know.

    I have nil interest in that party, except on the odd occasion I decide to rip the fuck out of its policies.

    Oh, and of course for brief spells when defending myself from the ill-mannered and obnoxious pursuits of some of its senior members.

  14. Please don’t confuse Steve Uncles deranged rantings with the majority of sane and reasonable English Nationalists. He’s as much an embarrassment to us as he is an annoyance to others.

    Hopefully, one day, he will gain self awareness and realise that he’s doing only damage to England and retire to warmer/colder climes to write the great political novel that is his life.

  15. A lot of it appeared to be some sort of open challenge to ‘Toque’ in the running for some provincial, low key position within the EDP.

    I can assure you, John, that I am not in the running for any low key position in the EDP. I’m not even a member of the EDP.

  16. @Libby – I’ve tried to be fair on this blog and state that the vast majority of EDP members are members of a legitimate political party who have as much right as anyone to have opinions and express them.

    I’d like to reiterate my opinion and extend it to the many, many reasonable and courteous nationalists from other parties.

    I’ve only singled out those people in the EDP who are trying to stifle my democratic right to mature political debate and free expression of opinion.

    I feel that comments such as the ones I’ve copied above in the article could only have their origin in a very bitter and twisted mind – as you say, deranged.

    Are you in fact stating that the poster of these comments is Steve Uncles?

  17. @Toque

    I think anyone who knows you and your political position would only say such a thing out of sheer malice and spite.

  18. You’re a very fair sort of bloke Steveshark, and you have tried debating with the EDP people for the last couple of weeks, and I can guess that you don’t want to condemn the entire membership of a party because of a few bad ‘uns…….


    I do have to challenge you to name one person who is a current EDP member with whom you have managed to conduct a discussion free of ranting, lies, insult or cod-media-training speak…or more usually a combination of most of the above.

    I will happily grant that many of those with whom we have talked who are disposed towards English Nationalism and/or an English parliament have appeared rational and sensible. But I can’t think of one of them who was a current EDP member.

    Perhaps a few could come and set me right on this one?

  19. @Mr Rob
    I’m playing percentages here.
    Surely you couldn’t have a complete party of cunts?
    I have to admit though that the ones I’ve ‘met’ all seem to spout the same old line and use the same old tricks.
    Yes, I suppose I am fair, but that’s self-preservation. No-one can accuse me of being biased so I can retain a position of integrity and honesty.
    And it’s so much easier when you don’t have to see someone face to face 😉

  20. I’d also like to add that the EDP seem to be doing more than anybody I know of to make the St George’s flag unacceptable to many people.
    A shame – England fine, St George and all the associated flag, national holiday stuff fine and why not? – but all that other bullshit just drags it all down.

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