I wonder what the ordinary EDP member thinks of all this?

A lot of it checks out very accurately – lest I be accused of being a Liberal* pinko commie socialist anti-English self-hater.

*For LoudMimeDave

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  1. “A lot of it checks out very accurately – lest I be accused of being a pinko commie socialist anti-English self-hater.”

    You forgot Liberal 🙂

  2. Happy to oblige!

  3. Haha, nice addition! Glad to help out 😀

  4. “This blog is NOT part of the right-wing Blogosphre – or even the left”


    it’s the sandle wearing, unwashed

    “Liberal Self Haters” Bloggers

    You be carefuly guys, hating everything, leads to hating yourself – and we know where that can end !!!!

  5. You should know English Nationalist, hating everything and all.

  6. SteveShark

    Did you check out the comment English Nationalist made on the Socialist Unity site shortly after posting here?

    Number 24.

    Nice, especially when we know precisely who and what he is talking about. A new low every day it would seem…..

  7. No, Mr Rob
    Got a URL, please?

  8. The Fact that Gareth Young plants racist jokes around the internet, and then claims other people have put them up, is simply digusting.

    What a busy chap EN has been.

  9. Hi Steve

    Sorry to post on a very old thread, but just need to do some filing..

    esp comment 24 where Uncles further develops the theme he started re Toque planting jokes. We all know that there was no mention of this from him for many days after his jokes were highlighted – was it by Kevin or you, I forget, but of course can be checked.

    I bet he’s doing this for a reason….so, useful to have all evidence to hand. Apologies again.

  10. I think we both linked to the joke in question. Too late for him to disown it.

  11. My blog now just defaults to this which is a screen capture from the Cross of St George forum. And because I’m taking a break from blogging it will remain like that for the foreseeable future, and possibly forever.

    Uncles pasted the same ‘joke’ on the BDF hole.

    As you can see he’s changed his signature to “Fighting for English Democracy, despite the lies of Gareth Young”. If he’d like to elaborate on what ‘lies’ these are I’ll be happy to humour him.

  12. @Toque

    This is all getting a bit labyrinthine, isn’t it?

    I can’t get my head around all the wriggling about.

  13. It is a bit.

    According to Steve Uncles (posting elsewhere) I have split up with my wife and I meet with neo-nazis.

    Very possibly the worst attempt at a smear campaign ever.

  14. And not just this particular aspect – the whole Nationalist, Federalist, Democrats, English, British, English Parliament thing is really confusing.

    I understand what those terms all mean, but when it comes to practical politics there just seem to be so many different groups.

    As for the smear campaign, if it involved allegations of bodies buried under the patio and haxxor cyber tactics – not to mention some manufactured proof – then it might be worth pursuing, but as it stands it’s a bit ‘meh’.

  15. The whole infighting between English nationalist factions I don’t take part in. It’s largely irrelevant.

    I call myself an English nationalist because I believe that England is a nation and the people should have the constitutional sovereignty to decide how they wish to be governed (independence, EU, part of the UK, whatever). For me it’s a matter of sovereignty.

    The whole “English, not British” thing is laughable, and lamentable.

    English nationalism isn’t about a forced choice between English and British, because that implies that nationalism is the same as separatism. It’s not. But the EDP fail to understand this, hence their ability to cosy up to the EFP in opposition to the BNP.

    The following piece of advice from Bernard Crick was offered to Gordon Brown:

    “Gordon Brown in the 2001 general election attacked fiercely, as he said, `nationalists’ in the name of the advantages of the Union. I was pompously moved to write to him to suggest that he either gave the SNP its real name or firmly polemicised against `separatist nationalists’. For I humbly pointed out that, to my old English and new Scottish immigrant eyes, nearly all Scots were nationalists, in the sense of having a strong feeling of national identity: the majority were not separatists. I suggested that attacking nationalism as such, lumping separatism and patriotism together, could cause offence as well as confusion and drive some cultural nationalists into separatist politics.”

  16. There are so many issues with the EDP not being racist, yet time and again they expose themselves for leaning toward that position.

    They are never actually racist, but they don’t distance themselves from racist members (not all are, but one springs to mind) and the associate with the EFP.

    It’s a strange place to go to.

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