The Party, the Mayor and the blogger…

Strangely, I have no quarrel with the EDP per se.

I don’t agree with their policies, but I could say that about virtually every political party in the UK at present.

Yes, I find certain aspects of these policies could be damaging to our country, but that’s the price we pay for having a democracy – of sorts.

I’d feel exactly the same about an extreme socialist party.

It is my belief that a few people who are in positions of power and influence in the EDP have no idea how to deal with people who disagree with them – hence the personal attacks I’ve witnessed in their forums – and would appear to have very little integrity if they have to hijack celebrity names to make it appear that the party is being endorsed by them.

One of them has been described by a fellow BDP member as ‘a loose cannon’.

I suggest that such people do not reflect the attitudes or wishes of the majority of rank and file EDP members.

As for the Mayor of Doncaster, he appears to have gained office by making promises he didn’t even bother to find out were capable of being kept.

Any community deserves better, EDP or not.

My part in all of this has been to keep people informed, provide verifiable sources and evidence for the matters I have raised and to try and collate resources, although I freely admit that many other people have helped me in these tasks and for that I offer sincere thanks.

Now, more than ever, we need transparent politics, politicians with integrity and an informed public.

All I’m doing is trying to be part of this overall process and it wouldn’t matter in which party I found shortcomings in these areas.

In this case, it just happens to be the EDP which needs to clean up its act.


5 Responses

  1. As much as it amuses me to see the English Nationalist cause crumbling before my very eyes, I feel a strange compassion and will now, generously, set you straight.
    In essence, Mr Uncles, you have cut and pasted certain blog entries written by a Mr Demetriou with which and whom you disagree.
    You have then discussed them amongst yourselves.
    Had Mr Demetriou and Mr Rob not done a bit of ‘digging’ and found out what was going on then none of us outside this forum would have been any the wiser.
    Don’t you see the problem with this?
    You’re discussing opinions with which you disagree amongst yourselves.
    If you really want to persuade people to your way of thinking then you have to ‘get out there’ and actually engage with those people – not discuss their views in some sort of ‘vacuum’ because, ultimately, that’s just talking to yourself.
    Is this really how political movements are born?
    Mr Uncles has been issued with a challenge – when is he going to accept it?
    Are his arguments and opinions strong enough to exist outside of this forum and has he got the necessary courage of his convictions to enable him to engage in debate on Mr Demetriou’s blog?
    Or, are his opinions and beliefs to weak to be discussed away from those who agree with him already?
    Will Mr Uncles test his arguments and debating skills in the open and away from the safety of this forum?
    Or will he continue to cower in his bunker?


    So you bloggers, can’t use Goggle then ?

    Why is a forum different to a blog.

    Both can be debated upon/in ?

    Yet another not so Sharp, comment from Steve not so Sharp.

    Forums, offer a better form of debate, clowns like Lightfoot edit comments, to twist the posts.

  2. Well I’ve kept a watch on this blog and no comments have been altered as far as I can see.

    You seem a bit paranoid, English Nationalist.

    You been at the funny pills again, son?

  3. I never alter comments. If I quote I always give a URL where that quote can be read in context.

  4. English Nationalist

    Hello, I’m sure we’ve spoken before……..

    If Steve Uncles was so keen on debate, one would have thought that he would have replied to John Demetrou’s comments right there where he found them, on Demetriou’s blog.

    If he, being a little fragile and delicate, needed to hold the debate in front of his mates so they could back him up, when he cut and pasted Demetriou’s article over to the British Democracy Forum, he could have left a little message along the lines of

    “I disagree with you, and I’ll tell you why if you come over here” – with a link.

    But strangely, he did neither – he cut and pasted and ran away with no calling card. However, being dense, he did not realise he had left unintentional tracks, which were followed, to where he and his mates were found all roundly mocking “Deeeemeeettiooo” and his article.

    Very brave. Very committed to open debate.

    BTW to use “Goggle”, one has to know that there is something to search for…but then you knew that, didn’t you?

  5. He’s been all over my site today like a cheap suit.

    Not to debate though. More to rant, insult, poke about and write a load of gibbering to no-one in particular concerning some area chairman vacancy for the EDP.

    Not interested, Uncles, not interested. I could come up with ten million things I’d sooner do with my time than get involved in your two bob party. Many of them are actually unmentionable in polite company.

    So I could happily tell you about them all day long.

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