The English Democrats Party reacts to ‘celebrity endorsement’ revelations

Received as a comment on this article just now: 16.16, 15/6/09 – from ‘English Nationalist’ at

Excellent Steve – we were waiting for someone to do this.

Are these celebrities who made their fortune by being English & Proud, going to deny a connection.

Let’s see what happens.

Seems as if the EDP don’t like me exposing their celebrity endorsements for the sham that they truly are.

As for ‘these celebrities who made their fortunes by being English & Proud’ denying a connection, would they be the same celebrities who weren’t asked if they minded their names being used in connection with the EDP, whose names have been used to mislead the public into thinking they support the EDP and who, in the case of Mr Carling and Mr Bragg, seem all too eager to distance themselves from the EDP as far as possible?

What makes you think that any of the other celebrities will feel anything other than distaste and outrage at such cheap and devious tactics?

Yes, let’s see what happens.


The same guy’s just commented again on another article:

Well done, Steve, you are doing the work of the English Democrats for them.

Finally we can get these celebrities aware of the English Democrats

Thank you Steve

So, these endorsers aren’t already aware?


I think it’s time the frothing fool went here.

3 Responses

  1. Try reading what is actually there, rather then what you pretend to be there.

    Good Luck, in your quest to make yourself into a complete arse (hole)

  2. Steve seems to be doing a cracking job of highlighting precisely what ‘is there’, ‘English Nationalist’.

    As is customary for your ridiculous self, you are singularly unable to respond to Steve’s position, time and again.

    Can’t you at least try?

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