The EDP’s only genuine celebrity endorser?

The grinning oaf in the picture is Gary Bushell and he is probably the only celebrity who has so far endorsed the EDP.

This Z-list celebrity has, in fact, stood as an EDP candidate on a couple of occasions.

Why would anyone with half a braincell vote for this miserable specimen of quasi-humanity?


7 Responses

  1. Ha.
    I was wondering why he was on the list – the other “celebrity endorsements” seemed a lot more, well, “celebrity” than Bushell. Am guessing he’ll be one of the very few, if not only, genuine backers. Though putting Bushell in a room with Billy Bragg would be an intersting experiment!

  2. Personally, although I’m no Billy Bragg fan, I’d take great pleasure in seeing him kick seven shades of shit out of Bushell.
    I’d pay to see that…

  3. At least by getting Bushell’s endorsement, they’re able to move away from those accusations of homophobia.

    Or perhaps not. Oops.

  4. Are you going to publish the “acknowledgements” from the Agents to these Celebrities to your lobbying.

    We can then compare letters.

    We have letters from

    Elton John
    Jonny Wilkinson
    Jeremy Paxman
    Felicity Kendall
    Barbara Windsor

    Let’s see what you come up with, Steve “not” so Sharp

    Are you a Liberal Self Hater by any chance ?

  5. According to sources elsewhere, Bushell was in fact a member, but left the party a good while ago saying they were like an amateur dramatic society!

    Is this correct, or is he still a member English Nationalist?

  6. @Mr Rob
    His Wikipedia entry and his own bio on his site don’t seem to mention him quitting the EDP.
    So who knows?
    But, quite frankly, who fucking cares?

  7. Yes, good point that one.

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