Just in case you missed the EDP’s admission of guilt…

The EDP has a Facebook list of what are obviously meant to be celebrity endorsements.

Many of them appear to be bogus.

Will Carling himself and Billy Bragg’s agent – at the very least – are both outraged at the way in which  their names have been hijacked to make it appear as if they are EDP supporters.

An EDP member said last night on the anti-Davies Facebook group:

you are right about those bloody stupid celebrity endorsements, who ever thought of that is in need of a kick up the arse.

Now, today, an English Democrat has commented from the EDP web site:

Well done, Steve, you are doing the work of the English Democrats for them.

Finally we can get these celebrities aware of the English Democrats

He’s admitting that these celebrities on the list aren’t aware that their names are being used…

I think that’s a clincher, don’t you?

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