Some gems from the English Democrats Forum

As I mentioned previously, the EDP has a new forum.

Even at this early stage, the old divisions and customary chauvinism are all in place.

In reply to a Mebyon Kernow (The Party for Cornwall) member:

May I remind you that this is an English Democrats forum, and if you persist in posting this kind of non-EDP content, you’ll be zapped!
MK and all it stands is incongruous here, not the least for its creation of unwanted division in England.
I advise you to take your rejoicing elsewhere.

Perish the thought of unwanted divisions…Heaven forbid we should want to break any national union up…

Another poster on her ‘Englishness’:

It is what I am deep inside and will always be, even if I do ever get a passport and find the courage to go abroad for a holiday.

Ooh…and meet those nasty foreigners? Better stay in Britain England and get overcharged for shit food, crappy accomodation and polluted beaches. I mean, for chrissake, they don’t even speak English and you HAVE TO SHOUT to make them understand you! AND SOME OF THEM ARE BROWN AND THEY EAT SNAKES AND THEY STEAL YOUR BABIES!

And, rather more worryingly:

…this is why white extremists are silenced as quickly and finally as possible. Minority extremists don’t matter.
Fair? No.
Political necessity? Yes.

So white extremists are OK?


It hasn’t taken long for the new EDP forum to start stinking up the internet after all…


2 Responses

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  2. You think what you like about the English democrats but they are in fact no different from the SNP or Plaid Cymru

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