Open reply to a Mayor of Doncaster supporter

To all the Mayors detactors,
Peter Davies was elected by the people of Doncaster,

He was elected by about 17.5% of the electorate. Hardly a healthy mandate…

(many who had not heard of him before )

See, I’d vote for someone I knew was already involved in public life and whom I’d heard of.

However, in the first place, I’d make sure I used my vote – voter apathy played a large part in Davies’ success.

I’m also pretty sure that many of those who voted for Davies hadn’t got the faintest idea what the EDP is or what their policies are which leads very nicely to:

because, like myself, they believe in his policies.

That’s highly debatable.

Looking at the policies, it’s glaringly obvious that not only did Davies not find out if those policies were viable, but the electorate didn’t either.

Maybe they voted for him to give Doncaster Council a kicking after dissatisfaction with the past mayor. Maybe they wanted to give the major parties a shock.

The labour candidate never looked like winning even with the hundreds of BNP votes in labours boxes.

Interesting comment and one which bears out the growing theory that far from being right wing, parties such as the EDP, the BNP and others of their ilk are appealing to the disillusioned left wing voter – the people who have voted Labour consistently but see the party lurching so far towards the right that they no longer see it as left wing.

The policies adopted by the BNP – centralised command control, trade tariffs and state owned businesses are the province of the ‘old’ and hard left.

Add to the mix the fact that the recession has hit places like Doncaster very hard and those who preach ‘England for the English’ aren’t that far removed from Brown’s ‘British jobs for British workers’.

Sadly lacking in the labour party, both nationaly and locally, are those essential ingrediants of honesty, morality,decency and integraty.

I’d say that telling the electorate that you promise to do things you have no idea are legally possible demonstrates a conspicuous lack of all four of those qualities.

Anyone can live in the dregs of sociaty, far harder to live higher up the social scale.

Now you’ve totally lost me.

I’m guessing that you’re somehow equating the qualities you list above with the stance of the EDP. Have you not looked to find out if some of its leadership truly possesses those qualities? After all, I’ve gone to great lengths to make their actual words freely accessible.

As a sceptic, I’d say that those qualities are hard to find amongst politicians generally, but given that the major parties are looking at parliamentary and constitutional change then it may be a little easier to find an ‘honest’ politician in future.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to examine the people who want my vote very closely indeed and avoid those who promise what I want unless I’m pretty sure that they can deliver on it.

It’s not foolproof, but it sometimes helps me filter out fools like Davies.


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