More Doncaster mayoral follies exposed

More great stuff from Welcome to the North!

Another in the ‘Mayorwatch’ series which closely examines exactly which of Peter the Punter’s the new Doncaster Mayor’s promises he may be able to keep, and thus how much egg is going to end up on his face after a few months in office.

By the way, some people are hotlinking to the mp3 of Davies’ Radio Sheffield interview – now an internet classic – which is rather naughty. If you don’t know what hotlinking is then you’re almost certainly not guilty of it but if you do and you’re one of those hotlinking, please respect Welcome to the North’s bandwidth and stop it, please.

4 Responses

  1. I can see a lot of bloggers having great fun with Davies’ execrable performance but I do worry that that is a problem. He obviously comes across as an ignorant populist jerking his knee – the interviewer comes across as a somewhat Guardian-left, middle-class type essentially saying “Those right-wing things you want to do and were voted for by 25000 people to do – I say you can’t do them!”

    My point is that Davies’ core constituency is bound to be the ill-educated white working class, and I think they may be more likely to empathize with one of their own basically being humiliated by someone articulate for the sin of standing up for their worldview; much as they feel they have been treated by the Labour establishment in general.

    So sure laughing at this prat makes one feel good, but it isn’t necessarily the key to beating him next time round. (For now however enjoy 4 years of rule by the Officer Party in Donny)

  2. Oh, indeed – the UAF’s egging, etc of the BNP’s Nick Griffin showed how counter-productive out-and-out confrontation can be.
    That’s why I’m trying to steer clear of expressing my opinions too often – Davies seems quite capable of providing enough rope for himself…
    However, I do think it all needs publicising and that’s why I’m trying – above all – to be informative.
    As for Davies being one of ‘their own’ – he’s a middle class retired school teacher with a son who’s a Tory MP.
    As I said, I agree with you – Davies is the subject of ridicule already, so let’s let that die down, report the facts and let people decide.

  3. Parasite raises an interesting point, but I strongly disagree.

    Forget Toby Foster’s background for a minute…his interview was brilliant because it was purely fact based. His job, of interviewing Davies and holding him to account, was done very well. You can’t really argue with that. Davies should have been better prepared, end of.

    All Foster really did was bang away at whether certain items on Davies’ shopping list can be achieved. Not only did he ask the right questions, he had done research to adequately know the answers.

    So regardless of Foster’s BBC background and all that business, what he was able to do was (as Steve might say) provide Davies with enough rope to hang himself, so to speak.

    And I can’t see how any right minded person, equipped with the facts, could vote for this guy.

    How dare he not even try and find out whether he could, by law, do some of the stuff he proposes to do. Particularly like cutting the council down by 2/3rds in terms of numbers of councillors!

    Even I could have told him that was a no-no!

    Why didn’t he do some homework when he set out on his campaign?

    Couldn’t be because he’s an arrogant bell end, could it?

  4. Oh, Foster was great. He’d done his homework far better than Peter the Punter had.

    As for the promises, there’s a failed EDP EU candidate on the anti-Davies Facebook group (one of several)

    She’s banging away at how Davies should be given a chance:

    “as i’ve said before you have to let hime prove what he can do don’t you?”

    It’s as if people should just be content to let people make promises that they can’t keep and then allow them to fuck about trying to make everything all right.

    No fucking way, Pedro.

    Now that Davies has got himself into the shit I don’t see why people should do anything but watch him get sucked down in it.

    A gentle foot on his head wouldn’t hurt either.

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