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  1. I’ve noticed from my travels across the Blog-Scape that our EDP arselicker-in-chief and profligate poster extraordinaire ‘Stephen Gash’ has been making various appearances.

    EDP fans crease me up. There must be something else in it for them, besides political loyalty to a small band of mifits and malcontents. I can’t see why there are people out there actively spending time defending this indefensible ‘party’.

    The fact Uncles is stil there, and retarded party bosses think he’s doing great, says everything you need to know about these freaks.

    So, yes, this round of ‘shut the fuck up’ is on me, EDP fans!

  2. What sort of Knob are you – John Demetriou,

    Can you not use Goggle or Wikapedia such is your level of mental handicap ?

    The National Chairman of the English Democrats is Robin Tilbrook.

    – Where does it say that Steve Uncles is “Leader” – also Steve Gash, left the English Democrats National Coucil 2 years ago.

    Are you also going to “lay into” Plaid Cymru or the SNP, or is it just English Nationalism, you can’t understand.

    – “Liberal Self Hating” only leads to bad things.

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