Doncaster Free Press – new mayor story

I wonder if this story will provoke over 360 comments like the last one about Peter the Punter Davies did?

I notice that the EDP are on there SHOUTING as usual.

Please tell them it’s annoying and that it makes them sound demented…don’t tell them your real name if they ask and you’re using a nick…oh, and watch out for them mentioning ‘libel’…

Don’t give them the satisfaction of joining in with their little mind games.

All comments, as ever, are welcomed.

3 Responses

  1. Brilliant work as ever Steve! I admire your courage and persistence.

    Don’t give up!


  2. Many thanks, John. It means a lot coming from you – a person and a blogger I’ve come to greatly respect.

  3. *BLUSH!*

    Well……one does one’s best.

    (new piece up on mine btw)

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