Doncaster Mayor and EDP round up

I thought it might be a good idea to post a sort of resource/round up article so people can more easily explore the wonderful wacky world of Doncaster’s new mayor, Peter Davies, and the party he represents – the English Democrats Party (EDP)

Firstly, Boatang and Demetriou’s blog which started the whole thing rolling here and made me aware of the EDP. There are many articles here over the past couple of weeks which will tell you a great deal about the EDP. Read the comments. too – there are many different points of view expressed in them which help to put the party into perspective.

Welcome to the North has an excellent article on how one of Davies’ promises will be nigh on impossible  to keep and also has the original transcript of Davies’ now legendary Radio Sheffield interview with Toby Foster.

The interview itself can be found tucked away within a BBC Radio Podcast here – skip to about 5 minutes in.

I’ve also been hard at work with extracting just the interview from the podcast and successfully battling with my ISP to get an mp3 of Foster and Davies uploaded here– Quicktime needed.

Over at the Doncaster Free Press web site, the story covering the election – worth a read, too – has follow up comments underneath and I understand that this is the longest series of comments ever generated by a story. Up to #360 and still counting! Spot the EDP stooges…

Which neatly brings me back to the EDP

Although Davies has been their only electoral success, the party stood in the recent EU elections. Although the party is not overtly or constitutionally racist, and many members are simply ordinary people exercising a legitimate political choice, Boatang and Demetriou discovered that certain officers within the party and an EU candidate  – Steven Uncles – were, in fact, not averse to making remarks which could be considered racist.

John Demetriou was told to go back to Greece (get the whole story at B&D) which was offensive as well as being geographically inaccurate.

Although I personally find the experience sometimes distasteful, if you follow some of the links that Boatang and Demetriou and myself have  put in various recent articles then you can visit the English Democrats section of the British Democracy Forum and see for yourselves.

That’s the info section done – if you want to hear why I’m trying to do my bit in all of this, please carry on reading.

First, I’d like to thank the many kind people who’ve commented on my blog, read the articles, followed the links and decided to find out for themselves what Davies and the EDP are like – usually in their own words.

Also, one of the most pleasing things to emerge from all of this is how it’s possible for Socialists, Nationalists, LibDems and Libertarians to recognise a danger when they see it, put aside differences over certain issues and communicate, co-operate and liaise with each other.

I’ve ‘met’ some really nice people so far and if you have any interesting links, stories or scuttlebutt to share, please let me know and I can add them to the Davies/EDP resources here.

But back to the real business…

Davies’ election was, in my view, a sad day for Doncaster, but it was also a sad day for our country.

Whilst the EDP may appear outwardly harmless, many people – including some EDP members themselves – now believe that certain elements in its leadership do not fully share their party’s relatively moderate stance.

As for Davies, he’s dangerous in two ways.

First of all, he’s a danger to Doncaster – he stood for election and won after making promises that he cannot possibly keep.

Does Doncaster deserve a mayor who won office after hoodwinking just 17.5% of the electorate?

But secondly, Davies is also a way into politics for the EDP after their recent electoral disaster.

This was written on the English Democracy Forum the day before today:

Doctor Why:

Originally Posted by Village Idiot:
The priority for the EngDems now is to make sure the new Doncaster Mayor has a sufficient support team around him to ensure a decent tenure. This position is all the edp HAVE really to justify their exsistence to the media. They really mustn’t waste this victory.

Totally agree Village Idiot. The Doncaster breakthrough is all the EDP has to show for its investment of time, effort and money. They simply MUST capitalise on this, or they will die a quicker political death than NuLab (and that’ll be quick enuff!). A recruitment/fundraising campaign in Doncaster, coupled with formation of a proper local branch, leading to ward-level commitees, and they could really be on their way.

As for myself, I have absolutely no political agenda here – I just know a dangerous fool when I see one.

And if you don’t like Davies, then just wait till you meet some of his support team chums…

6 Responses

  1. It’s good to see that we’ve got an overview of what’s going on in Doncaster and someone who can show the EDP for what they are. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks!
    It’s really a team effort with the various bloggers I’m linking to and also others who go onto the EDP forums and ask the ‘right’ questions.
    It’s all gone a bit bigger than I thought it was going to be when B&D alerted me to the EDP
    Then Davies got elected and gained public office and it changed the game.

  3. They’re a strange bunch. Depending on which bits of the manifesto you read you could argue for the English Democrats being a party of the left or the right in traditional terms. My current working model is “socially conservative, economically corporatist, euro-sceptic localists. ish.” Very confusing.

    I’ve stuck the interview on You Tube:

  4. The new mayor of Donny can’t be any worse than the current bunch of theives masqurading as MP’s.

    I live in Exeter and have been banned from emailing my local authorities since I made allegations of fraud and malfeasance on 6 new PFI schools in the city.
    I am unable to obtain FOI data on the schools, none of the schools have any Project Agreements and I am on record stating the schools are unfit for purpose.
    If you have any PFI project near you,there is a good chance t is also unfit for purpose.
    Good luck to New Donny Mayor

  5. Define ‘unfit for purpose’.

    It would help me understand your treatment by the various authorities..

  6. There are a lot of blog posts still around about this and the state of Doncaster politics

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