A hot tip for the English Democrat Mayor of Doncaster

Peter Davies’ first day as the English Democrats Mayor of Doncaster – the video.

Amongst other mayoral duties, Davies cleared out his predecessor’s desk.

Peter the Punter

Look more closely and you’ll discover the Mayor’s papers of choice – that bigoted and tawdry piece of low rent toilet paper bastion of public morality and middle class decency, the Daily Mail, and that erudite political journal the Spectator Racing Post.

Peter the Punter2

This prompts me to suggest that as a betting man Mr Davies might stand more chance of ensuring Doncaster Council’s financial wellbeing if he forgot about cutting services and jobs and just bunged the whole budget on a horse.

Might I suggest Spitfire in the 3.30 at Doncaster next Sunday?

Nice patriotic name (as flown in the Battle of Britain England) and its form makes it seem worth a punt…

11 Responses

  1. I’m not being funny, but what the FUCK is a copy of the Holy Ghost doing on his desk?

    You couldn’t make it up. Brand new job, big moral and political burden on his shoulders, the people to represent, and he’s got one eye on the fucking nags.

    This serves to prove why cynical fuckers who despise politicians of all creeds are right. Once in, it’s about fluffing your ego and feeding your stash.

  2. I know you’re not being funny…

    I started watching that video, got past the shot of his desk that I later screen captured, and then thought WHOA! Rewind!

    My eyes weren’t deceiving me but I had to look several times.

    I’ve deliberately not commented on it as I’m trying to get the actual words and deeds of these people out to a wider audience and i don’t want my comments to open me up to accusations of bias.

    Whilst I definitely don’t like the EDP, or Uncles, I’d feel the same about Davies as I would any other politician – small time or big time – who promised the electorate things he had no idea were legally possible.

    And. yes, he’s shown himself to be almost terminally stupid, which is ironic given that he’s the EDP’s big ‘white’ hope after defeat in the EU Elections.

    The EDP are now going to cultivate this guy’s position in Doncaster and get a way in to politics that way.

    More on this coming very shortly.

  3. mm I can vaguely remember reading somewhere bout his little bookmaking operation.

    I can’t recall where though do you know anything bout it?

  4. Check out this interview by BBC radio Sheffield with the new Mayor

    [audio src="http://andys.org.uk/media/peter_davies_toby_foster_bbc_radio_sheffield_08_06_2009.mp3" /]

  5. Quality.

    I’m not sure which is worse – the Daily Fail or the Racing Post :-/

  6. Priceless – LMAO!!!!
    Forwarding the link to everyone I know!

  7. Another thing I picked up in the interview was his cheap dig at Mayor Winter (face lift). Is this the kind of colleague anyone would want to work with? He’s sure to stop political in-fighting (bitching) eh?

  8. Bev – yeah, I noticed that too, but kept it out as it would have said something about my opinions. I wanted Davies to hang himself – something that he is very good at…

  9. […] whilst being paid a good salary by the local tax payers? I don’t know, maybe for example, having a butchers at the Holy Ghost and checking out the form on the day’s nags? Let’s just hope he leaves that shit to his lunch break, huh […]

  10. […] it’s our old friend Peter the Punter and his new chums the Campaign Against Political Correctness’ very own co-founders Mr and Mrs […]

  11. […] I’m certainly no Philip Davies fan – he’s the son of the fucking muppet who is currently Doncaster’s EDP mayor and making a right fucking pig’s ear of […]

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