Doncaster’s English Democrats Mayor – in his own words

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As you may or may not be aware, Doncaster has a new English Democrats mayor – Peter Davies.

I’ve stated here before that it’s always best to let people speak for themselves, so here he is – in his own words.

Firstly, from his mayoral manifesto (pages 8 and 9):



And now you can hear the new mayor himself from an interview on Radio Sheffield this morning (June 8th 2009) as a podcast here (skip through to about 5 minutes in.)

I’ve now managed to get an mp3 of just the interview up here – Quicktime required.

Also, there’s an excellent  transcript here.


7 Responses

  1. Bravo that man, bravo.

    Keeping stuff like this in the public consciousness is important. Where the national media fail, bloggers pick up and this is timely and well explained.



  2. Steve

    I have read the transcript you linked to above. I can hardly express in words the complete shock and amazement I have suffered upon finding out that a candidate from the English Democrats Party has somewhat less intelligence and political adroitness than a baboon’s foreskin.

  3. To all the Mayors detactors,
    Peter Davies was elected by the people of Doncaster, (many who had not heard of him before ) because, like myself, they believe in his policies.The labour candidate never looked like winning even with the hundreds of BNP votes in labours boxes.Sadly lacking in the labour party, both nationaly and locally, are those essential ingrediants of honesty, morality,decency and integraty. Anyone can live in the dregs of sociaty, far harder to live higher up the social scale.

  4. Hang on a minute give the bloke a chance. There is a massive job at the Council it is highly complex and has been a disaster zone for years. I am sure the new mayor will have a team that will look at all aspects of the council and find the areas that would benefit from improvement.

    AFTERALL, you are looking at a ONE STAR Council, any fool can see that alot of work needs doing to sort the mess out. Give him time to get to grips with it. Afterall, look at the cods Labour have made and that was after 12 years working on it full time – he can hardly do a worse job now can he?

  5. Steve – you have missed a very important point off his pledges:

    He has pledged a referendum on the mayoral system!

    This is one of the few things he can and MUST deliver on!

  6. Hmm…I spy something very fiskable…

  7. @E.Toseland. Many of the people of Doncaster voted for him second (after Maye) because they have never heard of him and didn’t want to vote Lab/Lib/Con/BNP.

    @Pinky. Personally, I’m not ready to give someone who is racist and homophobic a chance as mayor. Voting in a member of the EDP is the worst thing Doncaster has ever done and is a huge mistake. Even now, people are betting on how long it’ll be before he resigns, what with not being able to deliver on at least two of his policies (See; Choosing to fund Gay Pride and having to have two thirds of the council vote themselves out of their position). The people will eventually turn when they see they’ve been swindled.

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