Caroline Flint, whinging civil servants and biscuits

From the Mail on Sunday…yes, I know…but sometimes you just have to take what you can get…

Diet-conscious Ms (Caroline) Flint had sparked a revolt by ordering officials to stop the time-honoured Whitehall tradition of serving biscuits at meetings and was accused of ‘flying off the handle’ if they defied her.

‘To be honest, people thought she was vain and assumed she was just watching her figure and didn’t want to be tempted. That is no reason to stop the rest of us having a harmless treat. After all, there are precious few treats in the Civil Service.’

Er…how about the fucking brilliant and amazingly generous final salary pension scheme you get?

Worth passing up a few poxy biscuits for, I’d have thought.

Not to mention such things as:

flexi-time, child-care vouchers, support towards professional qualifications, gym membership, and a performance related bonus scheme.

All taxpayer funded, of course…

Fucking whinging ingrates.


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