Bullying Gordon and Bullingdon Dave

I’ve tended to screen out most of the over the top remarks and comments about Gordon Brown’s mental health that I’ve read on some of the more extreme and/or right-wing blogs (all be it very popular blogs).

They seem hysterical, defamatory, shallow and no better than some of the out and out fascist shite I’ve read when exploring the more squalid depths of my internets.

However, I have to say that Brown’s press conference yesterday (Thursday 4/6/09) had me wondering about his mental state.

I can’t find the whole conference on line, and this Guardian clip only shows his more rational moments.

Watching the whole thing, however, whilst he’s evidently not totally batshit fucking crazy, he seemed to me to be nervous, evasive and breathless, stuttered quite a bit and kept repeating himself.

(The fact that he blatantly lied about his handling of Alistair Darling I ascribe to the usual political expediency in the whole game. If all politicians who lied were lunatics then we’d be rid of the bastards once and for all…)

However, whilst he’s not straitjacket fodder quite yet, I reckon he’s on the verge of some sort of mental crisis.

Moreover, many people have spoken about his bullying tactics, episodes of rage and Nokia-trashing.

But that’s his problem – it’s the crisis he’s brought about through a series of disastrous decisions that I’m more concerned about.

And how has his recent cabinet ‘reshuffle’ helped this country?

We now have an unelected Prime Minister leading a cabinet with a large proportion of unelected members – peers such as Mandelson and Adonis and soon-to-be peers like Glenys ‘Fuck me, what the cunting fuck is she doing back?’ Kinnock – ‘supported’ by an increasingly fractured body of MPs who are so busy taking sides that they’re more concerned about their own situation and saving their own skins than they are about the people who are paying their salaries – taxpayers like you and me.

I didn’t want an early election when the MPs’ expenses scandal broke, but I’ve changed my mind now.

No-one has any confidence in Brown, his Cabinet, his party or his policies now. Not just here in the UK, but in the rest of the world, and the markets reflect that.

Britain is becoming a joke to the rest of the world and is now a potential banana republic when our AAA credit rating falls through the floor.

Whether an election happens soon – the preferable option – or in a year’s time – which will mean another wasted year – it’s pretty evident that the Tories will get in.

On what basis, I couldn’t really say., but I can’t see anyone out there who’ll beat them.

Call me Dave hasn’t really said much about what is actually going to change – for it’s change we want.

I’m convinced that if there were only two parties then the Tories would do a better job – even if all they did was scrap ID cards, which is the only policy that I recall hearing.

However, every time I find myself thinking, ‘Hmm…maybe I really should give Cameron and his chaps a shot,’ I remember this:

I’m not an envious person. I’m quite content with my lot and acknowledge that there are rich people who can be rich for various reasons – birth, background, through their own efforts, etc, etc.

However, this photo – with its privileged subjects of the Bullingdon Club who have their own ‘uniform’ (which cost over £3000 in 2007) – just keeps me from going any further than just thinking about going Tory.

I could never do it when I can see, second from left at the back, one David Cameron.

It’s not my Labour-voting roots and history, it’s not envy, it’s not any sort of class issue.

I just think I know a bunch of cunts when I see one and I don’t have that much faith in the ability of people to change their attitudes radically as they get older.

I think Dave has a ‘bit of Bully’ in him still.

Incidentally, I’m looking on all this as personal political progress:

Labour have lost my vote forever…and I’m fucked if I’m going to vote for a party led by someone who had to dress up like a total fucking tool to enjoy himself at Uni…

Toodle pip!


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