The English Democrats’ Steve Uncles’ Facebook causes

More on Mr Uncles.

Quite a list!

47 of them.

Amongst what you’d expect – “make saint georges day a bank holiday” (sic – no capitals), “THE ENGLISH LOBBY – sue for England & the English!” (sic – way too many fucking capitals, you shouty, litigious cunts) and “Pissed of with being branded a racist/fascist because I’m proud to be English!!” (sic – spelling and double exclamation mark)* –  Great Ormond Street Hopsital has somehow crept in by some bizarre aberration, and then there’s this:

National Virtuous Citizenship

International Citzienship through Communality with National Citizenship


1. Virtue is the core to Good Intent
2. “The Good” is to be found in Virtuosity
3. Citizenship is the basic element of The Ideal State (of Being)
4. Wicked people do not posess good intent and can therefore more easily be identified as criminals


Education – Research Institutes


The Institute of Citizenship Research has presided over the investigation into what are the key constituents of Basic Citizenship and concluded the following. A Pre Citizenship course has been devised (please ask for more details) to help introduce subjects of state into the reality of The Ideal State (of Being) which provides most people with what they seek in life and in death (National Virtuous Citizenship). A booklet titled IN PURSUIT OF REASON is available for purchase or download (please ask for details) as a pre-amble to the book titled THE IDEAL STATE OF BEING which outlines the structure of an Ideal State and should be available in the fall.

This no doubt worthy cause – if I could make head or tail of what the fuck it’s all about (and wade through the grammatical and spelling errors) – has 6 supporters and total donations of $0…

All that money goes here – to the, er, USA…

How English!

And what a worthy cause, Mr Uncles.

I do so admire your public spiritedness.

I liked the ‘death’ bit – I don’t think I’m going to give a shit about any good intent I once had when I’m six feet under.

And ‘virtuosity’?

It’s ‘virtue’, you moronic twatcake.

Closer examination reveals that this organization seems to exist only on the Facebook lists of EDP members’ causes, which begs the questions

  • Who runs it?
  • What does it actually do?
  • Where is it based?

Fucked if I can find out…

None of this above information is secret in any way – it’s just shown here for your information.

More obscure gems and minor revelations to follow later.

*Why are so many people who are so insistent on their rights to be legally called English incapable of writing their own fucking language properly?


4 Responses

  1. answer…

    Because most of them are dim witted, bumptious, semi-literate, shit for brains cunts.

    They can ‘sick and tired’ of people havng an opinion if they like. If they are that bothered by free speech, then they clearly have nil idea about English law or even the ‘Englishness’ many of them profess to espouse.

    They are, as a party, total and utter cunts.

  2. Steve you have cocked up again

    make saint georges day a bank holiday” – has nothing to do with Steve Uncles

    Make St George’s Day a Bank Holiday ! I am English & Proud – does !!!

    Start getting you facts right young man !

  3. ‘Young’ man…you flatter me…

    Presumably, as it’s his page, then he added those causes.

    I’ve merely quoted what was on it.

    Nothing to do with me if the group is wrong or in the wrong place.

    Sort it out with Uncles or Facebook.

    In short, not my problem.

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