Darling – the beginning of the end

A much younger Darling after a Grecian 2000 disaster

It looks as if we’ll have a new bloke at No 11 Downing Street fairly soon.

Not even waiting a few days to give Darling a push, Gordon Brown already has him on the edge of the precipice , saying his final prayers and nudging him ever so gently but ever so gradually over towards oblivion:

Mr Brown declined to confirm that Mr Darling would still be in his current job in the next ten days and side-stepped a question about having full confidence in the Chancellor.

Although it was widely rumoured that Brown had Balls lined up to take over from Darling in a cabinet reshuffle at the end of this week, the news that Darling’s expenses are even more Byzantine than we thought they were has made the PM’s job a little easier and he can look as if he’s ‘punishing’  the soon to be ex-Chancellor now.

So, Friday should see Balls esconced in No 11 and Darling relegated to the backbenches.

It’s nothing to be pleased about, though.

Balls won no friends the last time he worked from No 11 in a past post under one G. Brown and his woeful tenure as Education Secretary during which he has presided over one disaster after another – and not been brought to book over his ineptitudes – doesn’t amount to a track record that will inspire confidence in him from anybody.

All that can be said is that Brown now has his mate Balls well-placed as a key ally in his struggle to make Labour electable at the next General Election.

Not that it’s going to all go to ratshit for Labour then.

It’s already gone to ‘Ratshit? That’s kiddy stuff!’ on the Ratshitometer and all we can hope is that Brown and Balls don’t fuck our economy up any further than it’s fucked up already.

Don’t – as they say – hold your breath…

One last point, I wonder if Darling feels betrayed enough to attack Brown?

Things could get rather interesting if he suddenly acquired a taste for some acts of revenge.


Brown has stated that Darling’s claims will have to be ‘investigated’.

I wonder, could Darling soon be the Howe to Brown’s Thatcher?

Go on, Ali – deck the bugger!

PS – I’ve just thought that if Brown has to announce another desperate reshuffle before the next Election and appoints a new Chancellor then I can title the blog entry ‘Brown drops Balls!’

Well, it amuses me…


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  1. Sooner the better. Change is desperately needed.

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