Boatang & Demetriou investigate

Over at Boatang and Demetriou the intrepid pair – who run the UK’s best Libertarian blog – have been getting stuck into a certain Steve Uncles of the English Democrats Party.

If you look at the last few entries you’ll see how they’ve investigated this appalling player on the British political scene and why such people’s conduct should be examined and questioned ruthlessly.

Amongst other outrageous outpourings, Mr Uncles has stated that if you do not support his version of English Democracy then you are a self-hater who will be so consumed with self-loathing that you will commit suicide. He then goes on to wish this fate on those who oppose him.

If you don rubber gloves, wellies and a biohazard suit then this will reveal the depths to which Uncles’ bigotry, hatred and prejudice can descend.

Jokes about Poles and Pakistanis anyone?

What about a joke about how long Jews’ noses are?

Lest it be thought that I’m being PC here, I’m not PC at all – as anyone who knows me can confirm.

Uncles’ humour is just plain ignorant and offensive.

I’d like to just say that B&D’s investigations have shown that not all English Democrats share Mr Uncles’ very warped and extreme opinions and argue their case for an English Parliament very cogently and coherently. Indeed, many amongst them are now distancing themselves from Mr Uncles as fast as they can.

B&D have really come up with the goods and I urge you to read their articles about Mr Uncles – it’s fascinating, although sometimes repulsive stuff.


Steve Uncles is banned for a week following his posting of a sick thread

(English Democracy Forum moderator)

Virtual bottle of champers to B&D’s virtual table – chin chin, chaps!


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