English Nationalist poetry

I was reading some of the posts in a far-right forum earlier – as you do – and came across a poem.

Yes, a poem.

Nothing inspiring, however.

In fact, more of a piece of doggerel and just the usual bellicose, pro-England, be proud you’re English twaddle that you’d expect.

However, one of the verses typified how mixed up such people are.

It extolled our brave English yeoman at the battles of Agincourt and Hastings.

Now, I’m assuming there aren’t any other battles with those names, so what the fuck is the reasoning behind mentioning them?

Let’s take it chronologically – which is more than the poem does.

Hastings in 1066 was the Normans against the indigenous Saxons – themselves a bit of a mixture of Saxons, Danes, Vikings and Celts by that time. The Normans were mongrels too – with Viking, Frankish and Gallo-Roman blood.

1 – 0 to the Normans.

Agincourt followed in 1415 when the English – now with origins further mixed after 350 years, all but a year, of interbreeding with the Normans – beat the French.

1 -0 to Engerland.


Really, who is that poem extolling?

A mixture of Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Celtic, Danish, Frankish, Gallo-Roman descendents, all under the blanket term of ‘English’.

Factor in all the various nationalities whose bloodlines have blended with the ‘English’ since 1415 and you have easily twenty or a couple of dozen national origins entering the ‘English’ gene pool and remaining there to this very day.

Fuck knows what mixture I am, and I don’t care.

I just wish other people didn’t – especially right wing nationalists who wouldn’t know history if it fucked them up the arse.


3 Responses

  1. England is a country, not a race. Fact is looking back we’re quite happy to have come from the same collective stock of mostly N/European.
    Or are you one of the usual self hating Left wing wankers full of projection.

  2. Am I left wing?
    Read my blog and find out.
    As for being “self hating” (whatever the fuck that means) by asking that, you must be one of the usual cliche-spouting nationalist cocksuckers with the intellect of a cat turd.
    In short – fuck off.

  3. Hey Dave

    That Tony Holyoak is a right “self hating Left wing wanker full of projection”, isn’t he?


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